Here is a quick FAQ section so I can explain everything here and not on each page. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me under the contact tab.

What is the difference between old reviews and new reviews?

Old reviews are pre-website reviews, and those reviews are based on a five-point scale. The new reviews are based on a ten-point scale.

How are the ranking of video game franchises structured?

How the ranking works is I write a blog for each game I play providing my thoughts on the game, and the actual ranking of the franchise can be found in the lists/rankings tab. I do this to maximize my writing as well as rank the games as I go along.

What is The Good, the Bad, and the Free?

The series is a dive into my bottomless pit of free games. I divide up the blog into three main points: one part talking about the good aspects of the game (the good), one part talking about the bad aspects (the bad), and a wildcard part where I talk about one specific thing that really stood out to me in the game (the free). Then, I wrap it up with a conclusion and give the game one out of three scores: worth picking up(meaning worth buying), only worth playing for free, and not even worth playing at a free price point. The name is, of course, based off the spaghetti western The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, which is a film I highly recommend watching.

What is Retro Paradiso?

The series (inspired by the film Cinema Paradiso) is about playing through a retro game in three intervals and writing about any discoveries, thoughts, changes of opinion, and progression in each part. Each interval is forty minutes long, and the intervals do not have to be played consecutively.

What is the game and movie of the month?

The game and movie of the month is a game and movie I have chosen for that month. The list is up there for you to check out some great games and movies.

What is Ten After Ten?

Ten After Ten is a ten day recap on ten different subjects. It consists of four different game or movie releases, three pieces of news, my two blogs, and one game I am currently playing.