Two Years of Fun

Two years ago, I wrote a review. A pretty bad review. But that review was the first of many pieces of writing to come. Well, now it is the two year anniversary of my writing. In between my year one celebration and my year two celebration, I have written 73 blogs (not counting the year one celebration or this one) and six reviews. I thought this second year would be less eventful than the first, but I was wrong.

In this second year, I launched the website, reached 100 blogs, and even had a developer reach out to me to talk about their game. Also, I got banned from the place where I started. Year two has been a wild ride, so maybe this time year three will be a quiet one.

With the last year celebration, I talked about the community (which has no context here because I was talking about the Giant Bomb community) and how I started with all of this (which can be found in About Me), but I have no need to keep talking about those. But I will still say over and over again, whether it be here or at the bottom of every one of my blogs, thank you.

So, as a way of saying thanks, I want to give something back. Recently, I started playing The Surge and so far I am enjoying the game quite a bit. My enjoyment of this game, this two year celebration, and the game being on sale made the perfect combination. So, I am going to give away a Steam copy of the game plus its A Walk in the Park DLC. All you have to do is subscribe, and if you have already subscribed then you are good to go. I am going to give out the game on October 1st, so you will have until then for a chance to win.

That is going to wrap it up. I’ve got nothing else to say, so as always thank you for reading and here is to year three.