Tomb Raider Movie...yay

Of all the things I can say about this poster, the one thing I will say is that her neck looks weird to me.

Of all the things I can say about this poster, the one thing I will say is that her neck looks weird to me.

I have talked about video game movies a couple of different times now. Ranging from general movies to a specific movie, and even to a video game winning an oscar. Well, another video game movie is looming over the horizon, and this ugly beast is taking shape of Lara Croft. That's right, another Tomb Raider movie.

Before getting into this, I want to give my entire background with the series. As of now, I have only played the two new games. I haven't played any of the old games or seen any of the old movies. But I will say I played the new games recently, so the two games are still pretty fresh in my head.

I first heard about the new film on Twitter only a couple of days before the trailer. The announcement was a poster, some pictures, and a fifteen second clip. I went into the trailer with very little hope. Knowing the consistency of bad video game movies, I already knew this wasn't going to be good, even with big actors. After watching the trailer, I came out of it...even less hopeful. I don't know about you guys, but I thought it looked pretty bad.Not long after, the full trailer dropped; and even though it looked a little better, I still think this is a no-go.

Why do I think this is bad? Also, didn't I say that Ready Player One was going to be good? Yeah, well, I want to take back the Ready Player One thing and say that all though it won't be the best film, it will still be a fun one to watch. Anyways, back to me trash talking this film and maybe getting two strikes in a row on movie opinions.

I think of all the video games that could have a good movie counterpart. While that list is small, I still think their is a list to consider. Last of us, Bioshock, Uncharted(this one is in early production), and others. Heck, I even want another battle royale film, so why not slap a PUBG sticker onto it. It wouldn't be a unique film or the best film, but it's something. But one game I haven't been thinking of is Tomb Raider. Why? Because they already happened. Now I think the recent games are a lot of fun and have a good plot and setting to it, but the series has already had its movie spotlight with two separate films(and surprise, they are under 25% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes). I'm sure this new movie will be better than the previous two, but that isn't to say that I wanted Lara to be seen in a better light, or even if it is going to be good.

To me, this picture looks like it was taken in someone's woodsy backyard.

To me, this picture looks like it was taken in someone's woodsy backyard.

The second biggest issue I had with the film is the look. For some reason, I got really caught on how the film looked, and I really didn't like it. I honestly think that the film looks like higher quality Youtube fan film more than a film meant for the big screen. At best, it looks like a basic action film. Even the pictures and the poster look mediocre to me. This could just be a budgeting issue, but who knows.

Finally, the plot. Normally, this would be much higher on my list of importance, but knowing video game movies the plot and characters go down the drain(dystopian mario anyone?) But I was honestly surprised to find a good resemblance to the first film. It even had some scenes that exactly matched up to scenes in the game. I was impressed. Now knowing that this will be very similar to the first game, I started to look at the holes in the plot. And despite liking the close resemblance, I think some of the plot changes bring it down a bit. Now this is just a trailer, and things will probably be different, but the way they painted some of the story elements got me a bit worried about how they will handle the plot. From the looks of it, it seems that Mathias was sent by Trinity to the island, which in reality was that he was stranded from all of the storms. I say that because the henchmen also don't look very stranded, and the set up of the camp looks like they just got their and started excavating instead of being their for years. It's either that or the reference to Trinity was for nothing and the looks are all just wrong. Also, their was a lack of the other characters as well as the addition of a new character. It could just be that the trailer didn't show them, but I don't see them in the cast list. Also, the addition of this character is kinda weird. I liked the actor from his role in Into the Badlands, but I don't feel great about his character.

One final thing is the physics. Obviously, its for entertainment's sake, but watching her jump that far in multiple scenes is funnily bad. But hey, like video game, like movie.

Their a couple of reasons why I would maybe rent the film. Such a close resemblance to the first game(still fresh in my memory) as well as such actors as Nick Frost and Daniel Wu give me a reason to maybe go see it if someone is paying for me. But with the previous Lara Croft movies, the meh look, and the holes in the plot keep me pretty far away from the film. Nothing can be said for sure until the film actually releases, but I am going to put in my guess and say that this will be just as good as any other video game film.