Time To Hang Up The Mask

294 and counting. Early 2015. The number three. What do these mean? These are the stats that represent my time with Payday 2. I have spent over 294 in the game. I have owned the game on Steam since early 2015 (though I am unsure on the exact date). And I have three separate versions of the game (PC, PS4, and Switch). I have dressed up as a character from the game (Wolf if you were wondering) for Halloween one year. And now, the game is coming to an end.

What exactly do I mean? Recently, Payday 2 had an event where they release content over the course of the event. All was fine and dandy until the last day of this event arrived with a new mission. What is the name of this mission? ‘The Greatest Heist Of All.’ In this heist, you break into The White House (The White House) and steal some presidential pardons so then the gang can retire. After this mission, you unlock a cinematic in the main menu called ‘The End.’ Long story short, Overkill is closing up shop on their five year old game.

I remember playing this last mission for the first time and I kept saying “this is it” to my other friends playing with me.

I remember playing this last mission for the first time and I kept saying “this is it” to my other friends playing with me.

Now I’m not saying they are shutting down servers or the company is going bankrupt or anything like that. What I am saying is that with the exception of some patches, I think this is the end for Payday 2.

I remember the moment I looked at the mission, and the title and description alone told me that this is it. My first time playing the final mission was almost surreal because the game I have played over multiple years is coming to an end.

As part of doing these blogs, I am constantly playing different games, but Payday 2 is the one game I have stuck with throughout my years of writing. Because of that, I wanted to write this blog.

Before Payday 2, there was Payday The Heist. Despite both games being out, I wanted to play the first game before the second one, so on December 24th, 2014 I got Payday. This would be the sixth game I owned on Steam. While I only have twenty eight hours in the game and by no means do I think this game is better than the second, Payday The Heist did one thing for me: it introduced me to this series. Fast forward to either January or March of 2015, and you will see me picking up a copy of Payday 2. Over three years and almost 300 hours later, and here I am talking about it now.

When we picked up this tablet, another friend and I went to work trying to decode it.

When we picked up this tablet, another friend and I went to work trying to decode it.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you about how perfect this game is. This isn’t the best game I have ever played. But what I can say is that this game has been the one game my friends and I have always fallen back on. We have gone through PUBG, Overwatch, and many more games, but those games haven’t stuck like this game has. I remember when the game was at its lowest point in terms of microtransactions, and at the time the only pieces of DLC I had was the grinder perk deck DLC and the Big Bank heist. I remember the company making a big turn around as to how they would deal with microtransactions by making all future content free and charging one price on all DLC. I remember the old safe house and putting a stack of money on a weight to enter it. I remember a few years back me and three other friends dressing up in suits, gloves, masks, duffel bags, and more for one last big Halloween. I remember playing this game for the PS4 when I didn’t have a PC and I remember picking it up for the Switch foolishly thinking they would fix the game. Do I think Payday 2 is a perfect game and do I think Overkill is a perfect developer? Absolutely not. But what I can say is that Payday 2 (at least the current PC version anyways) is a damn fine game that I have countless memories with.

This isn’t a final goodbye. Me and another friend are still working on some of the secret achievements, and I don’t see myself stopping after that point. Still, I don’t think it will be long before something new and something better comes along, and I also don’t see myself ramping up with the game after finishing the secret mission. I’m also not bawling all over my keyboard or anything like that. At the end of the day, this is a video game and there are much more important things in life. But I cannot deny my time with this game and how much fun I had with it. And I think the game, no matter how soon the third one will come, will be missed.

So, now we look to the future. Overkill’s The Walking Dead is releasing today and Payday 3 will surely happen in the near future. And who knows; maybe Overkill will still add a mission here-and-there. But I think it is now time to lay this game to rest. So to that, I say thank you for the great memories over the years, as it’s been one hell of a ride.