Three Satisfying Moments In Video Games

I have recently been playing Brutal Legend (a blog will be up about it in the near future), and there was this moment in-game that felt really satisfying. So, I thought about other moments in video games that felt quite good and decided to make this list. So, here are three satisfying moments I can think of in video games (in no particular order).


1. Brutal Legend: Obtaining The Axe

Why not start this list with what inspired it? The beginning of the game starts with you dying and being transported to a different world. You wake up on this platform being chased by some dudes when you decide to take the axe that they were worshiping. It was at that moment when you take the axe that made this list. So, what is so special about this moment? Two words: Black Sabbath.

I’m not much of a metal-head, but I love to listen to some metal bands. One of those bands I enjoy so happens to be Black Sabbath. So the important detail I cut out of my description is that while you are running around being chased, Black Sabbath’s Children of the Grave is being played. Well, actually the very first few notes are on a loop. It plays on a loop until you decide to pick up the axe, in which then the music escalates. What you get is a scene where you lift the axe while lightning strikes down and Children of The Grave plays.

My time with Brutal Legend has been nothing but surprises, but this one has got to top them all. The song choice couldn’t be better, and the way it was presented was simply jaw dropping. I knew from that point on that this game was going to be great. It’s a moment I would love to have on a poster hanging on my wall. So if you haven’t already, I would recommend playing Brutal Legend to experience this, well, legendary moment, as well as the rest of the game. Oh, and also listen to some Black Sabbath as well.

2. Doom 2016: Elevator/Shotgun Cock Scene

Doom 2016 was a game that surprised many by how good it was. It harkens back to the kick-ass days of older Doom while adding in elements of modern-day games to make it a perfect cocktail of demon ass-whooping. So when this moment happens in the game, my mood went from hell yeah to HELL YEAH!

After starting the game and running through a few rooms with some weak demons, you find yourself in an elevator. Next thing you know, you find yourself in a cutscene looking at your new suit while listening to S. Hayden talk on the intercom and the music beginning to escalate. After listening to the scientist try to explain himself, logos begin to be thrown your way, and shortly after you hear the brilliance of Mick Gordon boom in your hear as you see the Doom logo flash in and out of existence. But it’s right after that moment that makes this list. Right after seeing the logo, all you see is the elevator door ahead you open to a dusty Martian landscape. The music ends abruptly and right after that you lift your shotgun in front of your face and cock the shotgun, ready for shit to hit the fan.

Like I said earlier, Mick Gordon’s music is what makes this scene shine. The music keeps escalating and escalating, only for it to just stop abruptly. And in that deafening silence, you bring that handy-dandy shotgun right up in front of you and clear that silence with a well-timed shotgun cock. But it’s more than just a well-timed moment. It felt almost like a movie moment where the badass gets ready for one helluva fight; only, for the Doom Marine that fight is the entire game. It felt like a message telling you to prepare for what is to come. The Martian landscape is now untamed, and it is up to you to get things back in order the one way you know how: with the shotgun in your hands. It is a badass moment, and what follows after is a badass game.

3. God of War 2018: Axe Recall

Unlike the other two, this one happens multiple times. Where the other two games had one single moment where I can describe how the moment plays out, this moment happens as many times as you throw the axe. Because of that, this moment feels a bit more quantitative than qualitative, but it is still a great moment nonetheless. So, what exactly is it?

Kratos has the ability to throw his axe. He also has the ability to put his hand out and recall the axe like a really strong magnet. But every time that axe is recalled feels just as great as the first time. For starters, the axe has to take its time to get to your hand, so you have to spend a few seconds with your hand out waiting for its retrieval. Then, right when you get the axe, you get this nice meaty sound as it hits your hand, as well as seeing the axe held up for a split second and a very low level of vibration in the controller.

The axe callback is something I love. Everything about it, whether it be the slight delay or the audio queue, feels perfect. It’s a perfect system for a damn near perfect game, and I love every bit of it.

That is going to wrap up this list. I know I missed other great moments, so if I think of some more then maybe I will come up with another list or you can put some down below in the comments. And as always, thank you for reading.