The Newest Game Documentary Series: Cloth Map

As a spiritual successor to my NoClip blog, I decided to write about what Drew Scanlon is going to do in his new upcoming documentary series, Cloth Map. And before I get into the blog, I will say that I already know most of you know what he is doing. I'm just writing it here because this is where I write stuff.

Anyways, let's get right into Cloth Map. Despite their not being any episodes as of now (just a few vlogs about setup,) what Drew has described for his new series already is exciting. From the sounds of it, the series will be of Drew exploring the different cultures of games from around the world. But this list isn't just for video games. All games(card, board, etc.) will be studied by Drew through the lens of people, places, and culture.

Their isn't a lot to talk about (as for their hasn't been an episode yet,) but the idea of people choosing where Drew goes and what he sees as he travels the world sounds fantastic. Where NoClip talks about the development of a game, Cloth Map talks about the development of games to a person, place, or culture. On top of that, this idea of a show doesn't just pertain to video games. I would love to see all types of games that are played around the world. On top of that, having that broad idea of all games also opens the show to anyone who likes games.

What I feel Drew is going to do in his new series is important. It is good to have documentation of different parts of the world and how they as a person or culture view and play their games just as it is good to have documentation of the origins of games and how developers wanted you to feel and think playing their games in NoClip. If Drew can do his documentary series right, then I believe that he could strike gold in terms of documentaries.

I do apologize for how short this blog is, but I can't think or say much else until we see what Drew Scanlon has in store for us. What he does in the future may be the opposite of what I think he will do and maybe it will be something that I do not like down the line, but as of now, I am really excited to see what he does and where he goes.

Here is the trailer for Cloth Map.