The Good, The Bad, And The Free 06: Brutal Legend

Obtained from: Twitch Prime. Asking Price: $15

Obtained from: Twitch Prime. Asking Price: $15

Brutal Legend is a third person open world game that has you going around a strange new land kicking ass and taking names. You play as a roadie named Eddie Riggs, who after a freak accident ends up in a new world. This world is metal themed and a small resistance group needs help taking down an oppressive leader. What follows is an adventure through a heavy metal paradise that has you taking down foes and doing it in style.


The Good

Brutal Legend is amazing, and I love just about every aspect of it. I’m not a big metal guy, but I still loved the metal setting because it felt original and creative. The gameplay itself is a fun blend of third person melee action and RTS. The cast of characters are great, which even includes some metal legends. The world is full of things to do, the humor is actually pretty funny, the menu screen is a really cool live action menu, the amount of songs in its playlist is staggering, the amount of combat and RTS abilities that can be done during combat are a lot of fun to try, the voice actor selection is great, and the story has got some twists that leave me on my toes.

Brutal Legend is one of the better games I have played this year. Its metal theme makes me want to become a metal-head, and its creativeness makes me want to play more of that game. Fortunately, the open world is full of collectibles and side quests, so the fun don’t stop there. But this game isn’t perfect, which is what comes next.


The Bad

The issues I have with this game are mostly technical. The game ran fine and all of that, but some of the choices made with aspects of the game made it a tad bit harder to play. I would say the biggest issue I have is with the controls. They are okay, but I wish they would’ve been streamlined a little more, especially around the RTS elements. It made RTS battles a bit harder with the controls, and I wish those commands were on a radial menu. The game also tries to have as little HUD as possible, which looks good but sometimes feels needed. Missions are fun, but dying to a huge battle means a lot of progress lost, so be careful of that. Finally, the game doesn’t mark where any of the collectibles are on the map, even after beating the game. I don’t see why that is the case, but it makes 100% completing the game that much more tedious. Overall, I would say that the negative aspects of the game never really bothered me, because it didn’t take long for me to get used to the game’s flaws and continue to have a good time.


The Free

For this game, I have a lot of things I could put under this tab. I could talk about its super long playlist, the live action menu, or even the fact that they got actual metal legends to be metal legends in this game. But at the end of the day, it really came down to one moment. A moment so great, it inspired me to make another blog. For this section, I decided to choose the moment you pick up the axe.

Right after entering this new world, you find some strange cultists trying to kill you. After running around a bit, you find an axe wedged into the ground, so you decide to take it. Now that sounds boring, but mix in the moment when Black Sabbath’s Children of the Grave starts to escalate as well as a cool camera angle and lightning, and you got yourself one hell of a moment. A moment so great, it ended up here. From that moment on, things only got crazier.

GBU conclusion.jpg

In Conclusion

In conclusion, I think this game is the best game I have ever played in this series so far. Everything, from the metal theme to the gameplay, is a blast to experience, and the issues I had with the game will not come near how much fun I had with this game. I can say that without a doubt, this game is definitely worth picking up and playing.