The Good, The Bad, and the Free 04: Spy Chameleon

Obtained from: PS Plus. Asking price: $5

Obtained from: PS Plus. Asking price: $5

Spy Chameleon is a top-down puzzle stealth game that has you, a chameleon, sneaking around various obstacles trying to get to the other side of the level. So, what makes being a chameleon so special? On the ground are colored areas (which match to the controller’s colored buttons) and you can change your color at will to blend in with the colored area. There are 75 levels in the game, and each one has the same three optional objective: beat the level in a certain time, collect all of the flies scattered around the level, and collect all of the lady bugs around the level. The game is split into five acts of fifteen levels, with each act offering a different setting with different obstacles.


The Good

Some of the levels later on would have ground panels that would change color.

Some of the levels later on would have ground panels that would change color.

The best part about the game (other than the parts talked about in The Free) is its color changing aspect. Instead of relying on dark corners to hide into, the game asks you instead to hide in plain sight. It asks you to blend in with the ground below, which I think is a pretty cool mechanic. On top of that, the colors in the game match the colors on your controller, making it easy to instantly swap colors instead of trying to memorize which button chooses what. More my case, I was using the PS4 controller which has blue(x), pink(square), green(triangle), and red(circle). Those were the colors for me, and I am sure they are different for the other systems.

This game is short. I want to say I clocked in probably around two hours to complete the game. Because of that and the nature of this game, I don’t have a lot to say about it. One good thing I can say about the length is that it makes sure the game doesn’t overstay its welcome. While the game does do a good job at adding new enemy types and tools within the level, the core of each level stays the same, and I could see that getting very boring four or five hours in. Luckily, it didn’t get to that point. Overall, I would say that the gameplay is fine, but I’ll get into what makes this game shine for me as well as what didn’t right…


The Bad

The biggest complaint I have with the game is that it’s dull. Sure, the game itself is fine, but that’s all it is. It doesn’t stand out to me as anything more than a flash game with a price tag. It does offer a neat color-changing mechanic, but that change feels minor compared to how generic this game feels. I see the game as something made more for small children than anything else, despite the last few levels getting surprisingly difficult. If I see this game as something for smaller children, then I feel like I can be less critical about the game, but from my point of view I see the game as nothing more than a generic stealth game.

Other than that, the only other issues I had with the game are that the harder difficulty didn’t feel any more difficult at all, and the lady bugs I talked about earlier only show after beating the game the first time, making it feel like some cheap way to get you back into the game again.

The Free

The screen shown after getting caught, with different art depending on who caught you.

The screen shown after getting caught, with different art depending on who caught you.

I feel like all of my Free segments (including this one) have been positive aspects of whatever game I am talking about. Whatever aspect that pops out at me with the game is what I choose for Free, and I guess all of the games had positive aspects pop. So, what is the aspect that pops out at me for this game? The music and the style.

The music and the style of the game feels like a groovy 70s movie with heavy bass and saxophone as well as its art style in the menu speaks to a style I dig. Sadly, I don’t think that style follows into the game, but at least it can really be enjoyed in the menus.

GBU conclusion.jpg

In Conclusion

In conclusion, I would say that this game is only worth playing at the price of free. While I think the gameplay is fine for what it is, I believe that this game is also generic and short to the point where I question if this game started out as a mobile or a flash game. $5 isn’t a bad price, but I still think it’s too much. But if you are looking for a game to waste your time or something to occupy a smaller child, then I think you can find worse games than this.

That’s going to wrap things up. Thank you all for reading and tune in soon when I go over another game in my never-ending list of free games.