The Good, The Bad, and the Free 03: Antihero

Obtained from: Twitch Prime. Asking price: $15 PC, $5 Mobile.

Obtained from: Twitch Prime. Asking price: $15 PC, $5 Mobile.

Antihero is a turn-based strategy digital board game that takes place during the Victorian age. You play as a thieves guild trying to make it big while facing against others who for various reasons are trying to stop you. And what better way to defeat your foes in the gas-lit era than to bribe, kill, steal, and control. Along side its campaign, the game also offers AI battles as well as competitive multiplayer both online and offline.


The Good

I enjoy a good turn-based strategy game, and this game started strong. Instead of just trying to get your dudes to kill the other dudes, you instead have to run around a city landscape doing dastardly deeds to get ahead of your opponents. The game offers multiple ways of achieving victory and leaves you to your own device instead giving you an objective. The goal of each level is to reach a certain point value, but how you get those points is up to you. You can kill important figures that occasionally pop up, take full control of churches, buy bribes, or other objectives that pertain to specific levels. But to do these things, you need upgrades, and for upgrades, you need money. You get money by robbing buildings or taking charity, and you use that money to buy upgrades or to buy characters. These characters range from children known as urchins that you send to control buildings that give you various effects to gang leaders that go around killing those you want dead. Another currency are lamps, which are used to buy upgrades or bribes. I think the concept of the game is really good and it plays out well. Every round you have to balance between upgrading yourself and completing the goal, and I think it plays out well gameplay-wise.

Another thing I love about this game is its art style. It feels like a mix of cartoon and comic book that fits well with its Victorian setting. Finally, I think the other offerings given outside of singleplayer are plentiful. The game offers online multiplayer as well as hotseat multiplayer, and AI matches where you can customize the rules and the difficulty. Overall, I would say the game starts strong, but it’s how the game peters out is where the next part comes in.


The Bad

The game started strong and had a good difficulty scale, but a mission halfway through the game threw a wrench in the works. The mission was incredibly difficult; so difficult I changed the difficulty down to easy just to beat it. So why was this noteworthy? Because everything after that point made me want to stop playing. While the levels after that did a good job at spicing things up with different goals or new mechanics to the level, I couldn’t help but not like the game. My new mood on the game wasn’t an affect of that difficult middle level, but that was the start of it. My experience after that point went from fun to boring, and my reaction to the enemy’s choice of action went from a fun ‘I’m gonna get you for that’ to being pissed off. I started playing the rest of the levels on easy just to get through the game. I wish I could put my finger on what exactly went wrong with me, but I think in the end it hit the same problem as Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle: it just went on for too long.

Finally, I will say that the reason I didn’t play online multiplayer was because I needed to make an account to play, which to me is pretty ridiculous.


The Free

For the free, I decided to focus on its setting. My favorite time era to get into is any time between the industrial revolution and the roarin’ 20s. So mixing that time period with an underground mood similar to Gangs of New York really ticked with me. I really love the game’s setting and I think the things you do in the game work well with its setting. This game nails that time period and I wish more games went to this era.

Antihero is a game I love and I don’t like. For me, it offers a really cool concept and great gameplay, but it also overstays its welcome. My final rank on the game is that the game is only worth playing at the price of free because I believe the game is viable for only part of the experience.

That’s going to wrap things up. Thank you, as always, for reading and tune in soon for part four.