Ten After Ten: 9/20/19-9/29/19


Four Game/Movie Releases

The Surge 2

The sequel to the futuristic souls-like is back with a sequel, following the protagonist into the big city. I am a fan of the first game because I think it takes the Souls formula and adapts it into a way I enjoy, so more of that is fine by me. I loved the limb cutting mechanic and level design of the first game, and it sounds like all of that still remains in this game, so I already know I want this game. The Surge 2 released on the 24th for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Ad Astra

Ad Astra follows Brad Pitt’s character as he ventures into deep space to find his dad and stop an electric surge from destroying the solar system. This is a film I have already seen (mini movie review here), and I found it to be interesting. The best way I can describe this film is if they put Apocalypse Now into space while also looking at the effects of space isolation and what life would be like if we started to venture out and colonize other planets. It isn’t for everyone, but I would recommend watching it. Ad Astra released into theaters on the 20th.

Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game, the game about a foul fowl, has finally released. In this game, you terrorize various people, one menial task at a time. I can’t think of a lot of games where the goal is trying to be mischievous, and I can’t think of any game where you play as a goose, so saying this game is unique would be a bit of an understatement. Plus, I am in love with its simplistic art style, and I can’t say no to a Claude Debussy-based soundtrack. Untitled Goose Game released on the 20th for Switch and PC.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

It didn’t make my monthly list due to it being a remake, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want this game. Link’s Awakening is a remake of the 1993 Game Boy game of the same name (say that three times fast), which is said to be a highlight of the series. I love the visuals, I can’t wait to play a more classic form of the series, and I am intrigued with the dungeon builder. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening released on the 20th for the Switch.


Three News Stories

Switch Lite and More Joy-Con Drift

Nintendo, known for making multiple iterations of a system, has released a new iteration of Switch known as the Switch Lite on the 20th. This new Switch version is a smaller, cheaper, portable-only version of the console that does not have detachable Joy-Cons or the ability to hook into a TV. The new Switch costs $200. Personally, I don’t mind the lack of TV connectivity considering the console’s strengths are in the ability to be portable, but I am concerned about the size being too small for me. Still, I am glad that they released a cheaper version of the console.

Despite not having detachable Joy-Cons, people are experiencing Joy-Con drift, an issue bad enough to get a lawsuit only a couple of months back (which I talked about then). Apparently, the lawsuit hasn’t been settled, as for the Switch Lite has been added to the lawsuit despite only being out for less than two weeks. Why this problem exists in their new system despite knowing about it for two months, I don’t know, but I hope a fix is out soon. Personally, I haven’t experienced any drift, but I don’t want to see it happen to my system in the future.

Frogwares Games Being Delisted

The developers of the Sherlock Holmes games and the recent Sinking City are reporting games being delisted from various platforms after breaking ties with Focus Home Interactive. The reason for this, as stated in a blog post, is due to a recent policy change made by Focus Home Interactive that stops them from transferring title IDs back to the developers. As a result, some of their games have already been delisted from both past-gen and current-gen stores. Hopefully, the situation between the two companies can be rectified.

Medal of Honor VR

For some time, a new VR game from Respawn was teased, though what it was at the time was unknown. Well, now we know. Their newest game is Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, a World War 2 shooter. The series has been dormant since 2012’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter, which took place in the modern day. Personally, I think the Medal of Honor title for this game is something they slapped on a WW2 shooter to make it more recognizable, but I hope to be proven wrong on that. This game will release in 2020.


Two Blogs

Police Stories (PC) Review

The first blog is a review of Police Stories, a top-down tactical police game about cops systematically clearing out a building. For a while now, I have been wanting to try out a police tactical game like Swat 4, so I think mixing that with Hotline Miami sounded like a game worth trying to me. Fortunately, I found it to be a solid game, as for its slower pace and myriad of gadgets made each situation tense and exciting. My biggest complaint has to do with the lack of content available for the game (like not being able to customize key bindings), but the developers have stated that future updates are on the way. Still, I quite enjoyed what is available as of now, and I can’t wait to see what is to come with this game.

My Thoughts on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta

It’s Call of Duty season, which means me buying their game even though I know I shouldn’t and constantly talking about it even though I am only a small fan of the series. This time around, it’s talking about the beta, offering a slice of what multiplayer will look like in their newest title. From what I have played, I can say that this game is trying to strike a balance between the Call of Duty of yore and something new. Their new modes are a lot of fun to play, and I really like the direction gunsmith is heading. Even though the news of weapons in loot boxes and year-long mode exclusivity is unfortunate, I think Modern Warfare is shaping up to be a memorable Call of Duty.

One Game I am Playing

Gears 5

Microsoft has been lacking on solid exclusives lately (even though their exclusives show up on PC as well). Sony has been killing it on this front, so a great Xbox exclusive could be a step in the right direction. This is where Gears 5, the next entry into the cover shooter franchise, comes in. I have only played Gears of War 4 before this, but I enjoyed that game quite a bit. Gears 5 is a familiar game, but one that is also experimenting. This game starts of really strong, with a new different mode and a compelling campaign. Unfortunately, the game petered out for me by the end, as for each mode has its fair share of flaws that keeps me from really wanting to get back into them. Still, I think there is a lot of fun and a lot of content to be had in this game, and I think Gears fans will be happy with this game. A review for the game will be up in the near future.