Ten After Ten: 9/10/19-9/19/19


Four Game/Movie Releases

Hot Lava

The days of pretending the floor is lava is back with Hot Lava, a first-person parkour game by Klei Entertainment. I have owned this game for a while during its beta phase, and I am glad to see the game is now out for the masses. The parkour feels good, the areas are fun to explore, and there are even custom maps for the game. I am excited to jump (no pun intended) back into the game and see what is new. Hot Lava released on the 19th for PC.

Gears 5

The newest entry into the third-person cover shooter series is here, continuing the story from the last game and offering more content than ever before. Gears 5 continues the series, offering four modes, an expanded campaign, and the same gameplay people have come to love. Plus, it’s on Game Pass, making it easier than ever to pick this game up. I have been playing it, and I have so far loved the amount of things to do as well as the fact that they are trying new things out in the campaign. Gears 5 released on the 10th for Xbox One and PC.

Borderlands 3

Speaking of continuing a series, Borderlands 3 continues the first-person looter shooter cel-shaded series whose last entry was seven years ago. While it isn’t re-inventing the wheel, the newest entry sticks to it guns (no pun intended again) by offering the same experience people have come to love. That isn’t to say things are exactly the same though, as for I think the guns are more realistic and the new heroes look like a lot of fun to play. Borderlands 3 released on the 13th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Police Stories

Police Stories is a top-down tactical shooter about police doing police things. I have been wanting to play a tactical police game for a while, and I think this game is exactly what I am looking for. A top-down shooter where shooting isn’t always the right answer sounds like a lot of fun, and I can’t wait for some of the future updates that will bring community-created content. Police Stories released on the 19th for all four systems.


Three News Stories

Billy Mitchell vs. Guinness

After being caught for allegedly using emulated versions of games for high scores back in April, Twin Galaxies and Guinness World Records removed his high scores. Now, Billy is back with evidence to prove his innocence. On top of that, he claims he wasn’t given a “fair opportunity to provide evidence to prove his innocence.” The evidence is still being looked over, but it sounds like a lot of this news is based on bias either for or against Billy. More details of the validity of his scores will reveal themselves in the near future.

Super Nintendo World Theme Park

While the news of a Nintendo theme park isn’t new, some new details about the park have arrived. The new theme park, arriving at Universal Studios Japan, will include two rides and various interactivity points around the area. The rides will be Mario Kart and Yoshi’s Adventure themed, and each park guest will be given a wristband that will interact with both parts of the park as well as your own Switch. This new expansion will arrive at other Universal Parks, though where and when is still a mystery.

Cuphead hits the Billboard Jazz Charts

Any excuse is a good excuse to talk about Cuphead, so why not talk about its excellent soundtrack? Recently, composer Kristofer Maddigan released Cuphead: Selected Tunes Vinyl. This new vinyl track hit number one on the Billboard Jazz Charts, the first video game soundtrack to do so. If you haven’t listened to the Cuphead soundtrack, you can find it on Youtube, and I highly recommend listening to it. Congratulations again to MDHR’s masterpiece.


Two Blogs

Remnant: From the Ashes (PC) Review

The first review is on Remnant: From the Ashes, a third-person souls-like shooter in generated levels. Putting the words “shooter” and “souls-like” together sounds like disaster, but this game actually makes it work. I found this game to be just as challenging as other games of this nature, and I found defeating bosses just as rewarding. On top of that, a lot of different parts of this game are generated, and there are still some bosses and other encounters I have not run into despite multiple runs. If that isn’t enough reason to keep playing, then trying to unlock and upgrade every weapon and trait is also something to go back to. In the end, Remnant is a game filled with fun and a lot of replay value, and it is a game I will definitely go back to and play more.

Sea of Thieves (PC) Review

Since this game is on Game Pass for PC, I decided to give this infamous game a try. I have no experience with the day one version of Sea of Thieves, but I have heard enough stuff about it to have a general sense of what this game is and what might be different between that version and the current (mid-2019) version. Unfortunately, the answer is not enough, as for progression still relies on cosmetics, generated quests are still boring, and PvP encounters are cheap. There are some fun moments around the edges like the Shores of Gold quest-line and the multiplayer mode, but it ultimately couldn’t mask the game’s flaws. If you have a crew of friends looking for a new game to play, I wouldn’t recommend this game.


One Game I am Playing

Creature in the Well

The Game Pass for PC list continues to grow, and September has brought around some solid games. Gears 5 and Bad North are two games I am either playing right now or looking forward to playing, but the one I am talking about here is Creature in the Well, a hybrid between pinball and hack-n-slash. The mixing of two genres plus the Hyper Light Drifter vibes made me excited for the game, so when it was added into Game Pass, I started playing right away. Unfortunately, I am a little disappointed with this title. The game fluctuates between too easy or hard because of a lot of dumb deaths, and the creature has no clear reasoning or morals. This isn’t to say the game is bad though, as for the mix of pinball and action works well and the art style looks great. In the end, I am a little underwhelmed, but I still enjoyed my time with it. A review for the game will be up in the near future.