Ten After Ten: 8/10/19-8/19/19


Four Game/Movie Releases

Ion Fury

Despite getting into a lawsuit with a popular metal band and changing name, Ion Mai…Fury lives on. This retro FPS is all about bringing the Build Engine back to life. It’s a game about bringing back the glory days of retro FPS mayhem, and I am all for it. Other than a little bit of classic Shadow Warrior, I don’t think I have any experience with this engine, so being able to play on this engine with some of the modern sensibilities like auto-saves and controls sounds enticing. Ion Fury left early access on the 15th and is currently out for PC with PS4, Xbox One, and Switch releases coming soon.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Life is hard out in space, so any way you can make a living is worth trying out. That is exactly what you do in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, as you mine, fight, and trade with your trusty space ship. I have been wanting to try out a space ship dog fighting adventure games like Eve and Elite Dangerous, but I think this game is a great jumping in point for those kind of games. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw came out on the 13th for PC, with versions for the consoles coming soon.

Superhot on Switch

Normally, I don’t put re-releases for this category, but Superhot isn’t a normal game. Announced at Gamescom during Nintendo Indie World, one of my top games in the past few years has finally hit the Switch. The game’s slow-mo action and puzzle-like nature has always drawn me back into the experience, and I think the Switch is a great platform for that. Superhot released on Switch on the 19th.

Dicey Dungeons

Dicey Dungeons is a rogue-lite about animated dice making their way through a dungeon. From the looks of it, Dicey Dungeons combines the deck-building genre with dice to make something new. I still haven’t dipped my toes into the deck-building genre yet, but I think this would be a neat game to try out once I did. On top of that, the six different classes sound like they have large enough changes to bring about different kinds of playthroughs, and mixing that with its procedural generation sounds like a lot of gameplay to be had. Dicey Dungeons released on the 13th for PC only.


Three News Stories


The annual gaming convention in Germany is happening yet again, and a smaller-yet-still noticeable trickle of announcements are happening. This event is happening both in this Ten After Ten as well as the next, so any major news may also be on the next one. There are still a few things worth talking about though.

The first major event to happen was Nintendo’s Indie World, which follows along the same lines as a Nintendo Direct. The most notable announcements out of all of the indie games shown are ports for Superhot, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Risk of Rain 2.

Outside of Indie World, many other game announcements and game announcement updates have been made. Death Stranding released some new footage, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare announced an alpha testing stage, and much more. The two most exciting games for me, though, are Yakuza 3 Remastered and Empire of Sin. I have been waiting for the Western release of Yakuza 3 Remastered for quite some time, so I am glad that it has finally arrived. As for Empire of Sin, the new gameplay trailer got me even more excited for a game I am already really excited for.

More big announcements are sure to come, and if they do, I will be talking more about them on the next Ten After Ten.

Ninja’s Twitch Channel Promotes Porn

It was only ten days ago I was talking about Ninja’s move to Mixer, and now he is back in the news cycle. Despite leaving Mixer, Ninja still has his account on Twitch. While the account lays dormant, the channel has been broadcasting other people’s stream, even though Ninja has no control over this. One of those streams just so happened to be porn, which made the popular streamer understandably upset. Twitch has apologized and corrected the issue by making sure his channel cannot promote anything anymore.

Sony Acquires Insomniac Games

In a move I thought already happened, Sony has acquired Insomniac Games, the studio known for the most recent Spider-man game as well as Sunset Overdrive and Resistance. Most of their games were already Sony exclusives, but all games moving forward will now likely be exclusive as well.


Two Blogs

Ranking of Splinter Cell Part 3: Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

The first blog continues the Splinter Cell rank by analyzing the third game in the series, Chaos Theory. The first game was a solid experience, and the second game was not so much due to issues with game being physical-only. Chaos Theory not only fixes the issues of the second game, but also adds new mechanics and items to the formula that is both refreshing and some of the best gameplay in the series up to this point. As a result of this, Chaos Theory is currently sitting at the number one position on the rank.

Hunt: Showdown and the Art of Building Tension

For the second blog, I decided to take a little break from the rankings and reviews to talk about a game I love and one thing it does well: build tension. Hunt: Showdown is on the verge of release (27th to be precise), but ever since its days in early access, Hunt: Showdown has been a blast. I wanted to talk about the game without doing a review, so I decided to look at how the game does an excellent job at building up tension. The game does a good job at finding ways to build tension outside of large player counts and sticky situations, and you can read more about it in the blog itself.


One Game

Saints Row 2

I have decided to start a new ranking on the Saints Row franchise, but I have no way to access the first game. As a result, I am starting from the second game and going from there, which leads to this discussion. I have now completed the game by this point, and I have been playing the game on PC through GOG. These details are important, as for the PC port of this game is terrible. The game runs at a low frame rate, and the controls, though not horrible, could be a lot better. Despite this, I had a decent time with the game, as for it is a fun and crazy open world filled with raunchiness and violence (you know, the game to hide your kids from). This game feels like it is one the right track to something great, and I can’t wait to see what that greatness is in the next game.