Something Fun I Found in Watch Dogs 2

Before I begin, I want to make clear that what I found isn't a glitch, easter egg, new mission, or anything like that. What I found is something that can be done in any game if you like.

I have been playing Watch Dogs 2 recently, and I must say it is a lot of fun. I have been to SF many times, and this game portrays the city very well. I also love the 50s pop art horror vibe of Dedsec as well, and Watch Dogs going into this young hacker vibe works much better than the gritty story of a man protecting his family like the last game.

One of the features of the game is that it has a music player with different kinds of songs and radio stations to match those genres. I was roaming the streets of SF when I decided to spice up my roaming with some music. As a joke, I chose the classical music station and strolled. While strolling, I found a restricted area with some money inside, so I decided to go get that money. Well, I got caught and a gunfight happened shortly after. That is when I discovered something with the game. This may sound silly, but I found that mixing classical music with action sequences was a perfect blend.

Now I can't say for sure if this works with all action games, but now when I get into gunfights in Watch Dogs, I make sure to put on some Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, and other musicians featured in the classical radio stations in-game. Now, other music like rock, electronic music, or rap work with these action scenes as well, but I find that classical music is really what elevates these fight scenes.

The classical music station logo in Watch Dogs 2

The classical music station logo in Watch Dogs 2

Having classical music on while fighting was better for me for a couple of reasons. One of the biggest I found was that it gave some elegance to your brutality. As cool as being a punk-rock guy trying to fight the man is, I think being classy while wielding a pistol and listening to classical feels much more professional, and to me that professionalism in killing is much more bad-ass. The second big reason is that they are two opposites that combine. The purity of classical meets the brutality of killing. Not all opposites combine; but when they do, they combine extremely well. Like the saltiness of a pretzel and the sweetness of chocolate, classical music and killing various bad guys just blend so well together.

What I find funniest about this is that to me at least, I feel that games like Watch Dogs 2 or GTA 5 put in classical and lesser-heard music into their games as a joke, which I actually went along with for awhile. Why would I listen to Reggae while murdering dozens of people? But whether or not they put in this music as a joke doesn't matter, because now I find that the lesser-heard music like classical mixes well with the game.

So their it was, my little finding in Watch Dogs 2. I know I am not the first person to try this, but I would highly recommend trying this out on your own. Before you go into a restricted area, put on that classical radio, pull out a pistol, and feel like a professional killing machine. If you don't have Watch Dogs 2, try it with another action game and put on some classical music. If you don't have the same experience as me, then that's okay. But if you did or you have another cool discovery similar to mine, then put it in the comments and I would love to try them out.