Retro Paradiso 04: Star Fox (SNES)

Hello and welcome to another edition of Retro Paradiso. This time, it’s all about doing barrel rolls with the 1993 SNES game Star Fox. This one will be the last Retro Paradiso for a little while because I feel it needs some serious reworking, but for now the same rules still apply: Three forty-minute intervals and no looking at guide books. With that out of the way, let’s get into it.


Part One

Star Fox has you playing as Fox McCloud, leader of a band of mercenaries known as the Star Fox team as they fight against an evil villain known as Andross.

Star Fox has got to be one of the most surprising retro game I have played yet. I found the game to be surprisingly modern for a retro game, with controls that I easily got comfortable with and gameplay that feels more modern than other retro games. There is definitely a divide in gameplay between modern and retro games, but I didn’t feel it as much with Star Fox with its controls, third-and-first person gameplay, various abilities like being able to barrel roll or the game’s various attack types, better checkpoints, how boss fights are fought, and more. On top of that, the music is fun to listen to, the color palette is interesting and reminds me of F-Zero, and the game offers multiple control types. Overall, I had a blast with this first part because of how easy it was for me to get a hang of it.

The game is quite a bit of fun, but with one huge asterisk tied to it: the game runs really poorly. The game is constantly chugging, with the smoothest moments still feeling poor. I think Star Fox was a game ahead of its time, and the SNES not being able to properly handle the game shows. Also, I think the tutorials for the game are pretty bad, but this isn’t as much of an issue considering how easy it is to get into it. Overall, this game wowed me with how easy it is to jump in have a really fun time.


starfoxpart 1.jpg

Part Two

Part two doesn’t bring much new, but there are still things I learned. For starters, your allies entering the screen each level asking for help is really annoying because of how easy it is to shoot them, but what makes it worse is that they don’t heal in between stages. They could actually die, which is interesting, but in the end I don’t really care about them. The main revelations I had with this part is the final boss fight, which proved both frustrating and interesting. The first part of the boss fight is pretty frustrating, but fighting the giant face was a lot fun. I finished the first area right when I ran out of time, so the end of this part is also the end of the first area.


Part Three

Part three is all about going through the second area, which surprised me as well. Even on the first level (which is the same for all three areas), I found myself fighting new bosses and new enemies. Going into the new areas, I found them to be more difficult with moving pieces within the level and tougher enemies. I didn’t get to finish the second area, but I could tell that the whole game does a good job at offering new content worth playing through the whole game for.



In conclusion, I think Star Fox is the most fun I have had with a retro game so far. While it certainly doesn’t run great, it feels and plays great with its modern-feeling controls and fun gameplay. This is definitely a game I want to go back and complete because of how much fun I had with it, and if you have this game but haven’t tried it, I would recommend you do too.