Quick Impressions on Lawbreakers

While looking through the steam store, I saw that Lawbreakers was on the store and was running an open beta. So I decided to peek my head into the game to see how the game was. After 75 minutes of gameplay, here are some bullet points I have to say about the game.

-The biggest thing I noticed about the game was the similarities to Overwatch. The game essentially felt like a fast-paced Overwatch with low gravity. From the different classes to the way you unlock cosmetics and earn currency to the simple controls and active and ultimate abilities, this game screamed Overwatch.

-There are a total of nine different classes in the game, ranging from an assassin with a blade to an enforcer with an assault rifle. Each character felt unique, yet I didn't feel the need to build a proper team. I didn't feel like the team needed one health, support, etc. to win the game. Fortunately, I didn't feel that one character was vastly overpowered to any other characters, but I will probably soon be wrong on that. I think a sniper class would be a great addition to the game, as for some of the maps feel pretty big and having the low gravity with snipers could prove to be a lot of fun. Each character has a different sprint ability, side ability(like a grenade, trap, etc.) and ultimate ability similar to Overwatch.

- The map layouts and sizes are varied and fun to traverse, but all have one thing in common: a low gravity center with normal gravity on each side of the map(there are other small similarities like health stations and whatnot.)

-Their are four different game modes as of now: uplink, blitzball, turf war, and overcharge. Uplink involves bringing an uplink to your base and defending it until it reaches 100%. Overcharge is very similar to Uplink except if the battery is stolen, whatever percentage charge it is at stays at that charge and can be used against you. Blitzball is about bringing a ball from the middle of the map to the enemy base. Turf war was the only mode that felt different to me and was my favorite. It is domination but with a twist. When you capture a point, the point is yours and is locked, so no one can capture. Once all of the points are captured, they all reset and you do the same thing.

-The leveling up in the game is very similar to Overwatch. When you level up, you get a loot crate, which contains cosmetic items. These include a profile picture, stickers for your gun, a boot print for if you kill someone with a kick, skins for your character and gun, and others.


-I like how every class has two characters: one for each team. It would feel a little weird playing the same character as both the law man and the law breaker.

-The ball in blitzball actually talks and is kinda charming.

-While I think shooting behind your back is cool, the chances of you even thinking about using that as an effective tool of killing is slim.

-Did I mention this is like Overwatch? Because this is definitely like Overwatch.

Is Lawbreakers fun? Yes, I have enjoyed the time I have had with it. Its fast-paced action keeps you on your toes and its low gravity puts an interesting twist on the game. But the strong feeling on Overwatch will most likely cut my time short with the game. I have already played a good amount of Overwatch, and even I was done with that game after a certain amount of time, so the chances of me continually playing this game are small. But if this game adds more interesting modes, maps, and characters, then I could see myself picking up a copy and enjoying the game, even if it is for a short amount of time.