Player Unknown Keeps Making Milestones


To say that the milestones Player Unknown's Battlegroundsis surpassing is impressive is an understatement. Even though it is an early access game that is only found on PC, PUBG has sold over seven million copies, has 600,000 concurrent players, has stayed number one on Steam top selling charts even through summer sale, and more. Well, the game has hit yet another one recently.

According to a Twitch viewership data center called GamoLocoPUBG has had more views on Twitch than League of Legends between August 6-13. In that week, PUBG had a total hour viewership of around 16.9 million views, while LoL was at around 15 million hours viewed. Also in that week, Dota 2 was blazing the trail with around 30.6 million hours viewed from the annual Dota 2 International tournament. But why does that matter? What if I said PUBG did something that other big games like Overwatch, Battlefield, and Call of Duty haven't done? The creator of GamoLoco has said that in its three years of monitoring Twitch, no game has surpassed League of Legends in weekly viewing hours unless the game was in the middle of a top-tiered e-sports competition. As said by GamoLoco,"It’s key to understand here that no AAA industry blockbuster even came close to that kind of performance on Twitch.And no other 'top tier e-sports candidate,' including the highly-heralded Overwatch, got close either."

The hours viewed chart made by GamoLoco.

The hours viewed chart made by GamoLoco.

I don't watch Twitch normally, but I know how big it is and how big the audience is. I also don't play LoL, but I also know how big that game. So to see that a free to play game released eight years ago that at one point has 67 million active monthly players and is owned by one of the richest video game companies in the world gets surpassed on views from a five month old game in early access that costs money is shocking. Not even Overwatch? Or Call of Duty, Battlefield, GTA 5, or CS:GO?

I wanted to talk about this because I always like reading and writing about the unpredictable news. It's always fun to look at the news that makes you raise an eyebrow and say "Huh?" Whether it be the releasing of a good Sonic, the future release of video game icon Mario shooting Rabbids X-COM style, AMD making a graphics card with 2 TB of memory, or others. And sure, PUBG was going to pass LoL in views eventually. But that fast?

The other reason I wanted to talk about this is because of how much I love to see smaller games hit big. Seeing games like PUBG and Rocket League staying on top selling charts is really cool. But this can even be seen on the console level with the Nintendo Switch selling extremely well (selling beyond the Nintendo lover demographic.) With contenders like Sony and Microsoft wielding more power and popular multiplayer titles being beaten by the Switch, which wields first party games and indies.

But getting back to the main subject, I am happy to see PUBG doing well. When the game came out, I ignored the game because I didn't want to play another Arma mod game. I didn't want to deal with the technical issues and game complexities that game is known for. But I am happy that I gave it a chance, and I am happy to see so many other people giving the game a chance as well. I hope the game sees more success along the way, and I hope that the under dogs of games continue to do well.