One Small Thing I am Excited For

At this time, we are on the edge of the beginning of major releases. Games such as Super Mario Odyssey, Cuphead, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, and more are coming out. Needless to say, I am excited to get my hands on a lot of the big and small releases coming in the future months.

But their is something else I get a little excited for whenever I see it pop up in my Twitter feed. It isn't a game, but actually trailers for a game. And these trailers are tied to none other than Wolfenstein Two. Now of course I am excited for the game. I loved the two new reboots that came out a little while ago and I can't wait to dive into that game once more. But for now, I always get a little excited for whenever the game comes out with a new trailer.

Now many trailers and small clips have come out for the game, but the ones I am talking about specifically are the tv-themed trailers. Currently, their are five trailers that come to mind: Liesel, put the chocolate down, German or else, collector's edition, and Blitzmensch. These five trailers are themed as various tv shows or advertisements, but with the theme being Nazis.

One of the trailers, which is similar to a 60s comedy show.

One of the trailers, which is similar to a 60s comedy show.

Each trailer is themed on different shows genres; from comedy to game show to action hero. Each are unique and fun to watch, and watching them just makes me want to watch more. One of the biggest things that catches my eye with these are the level of detail put into each trailer. Each trailer feels like it belongs in the 60s and not something that is trying to be in the 60s. Also, each of them feel like propaganda more than entertainment. Having things like the protagonist called 'Terror Billy' in an action figure trailer or the bad guy in a 60s batman style being the illegal eagle is kinda funny to me and it makes a lot of sense. I mean of course a Nazi regime would put in a bit of their spice into entertainment. Finally, they are straight up creative. Not only do they have to come up with new ideas for trailers, but they have to come up with fake laws that would most likely be in place with a modern Nazi regime. I guess this is all kinda minor stuff in the grand scheme of releasing a video game, but it is still something I love to watch. I wish more games put out detailed trailers like Wolfenstein Two does. I'm not saying all in 60s tv style, but still ones with higher quality and originality.

Over the course of my writing, I have made a few blogs about good trailers. Whether it be four of my favorites or my favorites from E3. But if these trailers came out at the time of those blogs, I would have definitely added them into the mix. I love these trailers, and I wish that these would prove to other games that making a good trailer is kinda important. If you want to convey your product in a way to get others to buy it, then why not add some creativity to it?