My Top Games of E3 2019


The show is over, but I got a couple of more E3 blogs up my sleeve. This is the last E3 2019 blog in the immediate future, but there will be one more on the critic’s choice awards whenever they happen. But for now, this blog is all about the games this year I am the most excited about.

Before getting into the list, there are two things to clarify. The first is that this isn’t a ranked list. The second is that I tried to stick to new announcements. If you are expecting Keanu’s face or a romp through hell, then I am sorry to disappoint. Of course I am excited about those games, but I want to highlight new games at the show.

12 Minutes

12 Minutes is an adventure game about a guy reliving the same twelve minutes over and over, except those twelve minutes involves a man breaking into his house wanting to cause harm. I really like the idea of a Groundhog’s Day mechanic in games, but the only game I can think of that I have done this is with a piece of Resident Evil 7 DLC. On top of that, I like the top-down perspective, as for it shows just how small the rooms are, and just how little chance of escape this guy has from his situation. With a trailer that is both beautiful and tense, 12 Minutes made quite an impression at the Xbox press conference along side Cyberpunk and Outer Worlds.

Breath of the Wild Sequel

Very little was shown with its reveal trailer, but very little was needed to be shown to get the message across: there is a new Zelda game in the same style as Breath of the Wild coming soon. I am not one for going in-depth into trailers to spot all of the hidden clues or anything like that, but the new trailer showed an ever darker tale than the previous game. Whatever the case may be, a new BOTW sounds extremely exciting, and I wonder what new stuff is going to be in the game compared to the last.


Arkane’s newest first-person action game is Deathloop, a game about two people stuck in a time loop and fighting to either stay in it or get out of it. No gameplay was shown, but I do like the premise of doing the same level over and over. On top of that, Arkane is known for making large, open levels that give plenty of opportunities as to how to get across it, so that with the Groundhog’s Day idea seems like a match made in heaven. Plus, I love the Grindhouse vibe to the game. No release date has been announced, but I can’t wait to see what Arkane has been working on.

Empire of Sin

No, this isn’t your mind playing tricks on you. Romero games is working on a turn-based strategy game mixed with a city management game. While this game does have two genres I love, one added detail makes this game even more exciting for me: the game takes place in the Prohibition era. The Roarin’ 20s is one of my favorite time periods to study, so being able to actually control a mafia and make it up the ranks sounds extremely promising. The game is going to release 100 years after the Spring of 1920.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

What if I told you you could compete against 99 others in a giant obstacle course playing as a tic-tac with arms and legs? That is the best premise I could give for this game, but that is all I need to hear. I love obstacle courses, and playing a game that reminds me of Death Run but without a trap master sounds like a lot of fun. On top of that, I love the upbeat vibe of the game, with colorful environments and and cute little Mighty Beanz characters. It’s about time a new kind of battle royale emerges.

Ghostwire Tokyo

The best game at Bethesda’s press conference this year was Ghostwire Tokyo, a supernatural game about a whole lot of people suddenly disappearing, and one man trying to figure out what happened. While no gameplay was shown, so many different aspects of what could be gameplay revealed a game that looks unique. The setting, the supernatural elements, the possible combat weapons and abilities, and more show a game worth looking forward to.

Gods and Monsters

Breath of the Wild 2 isn’t the only Breath of the Wild game coming out soon (if that makes any sense). Ubisoft is taking a crack at the game with their version of BOTW called Gods and Monsters, which looks to be that but in a Greek mythology setting. While no gameplay was shown, it doesn’t take a genius to see the parallels between this trailer and its inspirations, and a different company taking a stab at it will be neat to see. Plus, it will release on other systems, so others don’t have to be let out of the BOTW experience…sort of.

Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga

At first, I was ready to dismiss this game as another Lego movie tie-in. But by the end of the trailer, it became the only Star Wars thing I have been excited for in the past five years. It’s a collection of all nine games, which is nice compared to Lego’s previous formula of releasing three different games for only four or five movies. What is really exciting about this game though are the changes made to the Lego games formula, which includes more open areas and an over-the-shoulder third person camera. I haven’t played a Lego game since Lego City Undercover, but I have been thinking about picking up other Lego games, and this one just may take the cake.

Roller Champions

This game gets on the list as a bit of a cheat. The trailer itself does convince me of a good looking game, but what really puts it on this list was the playable alpha, which ran from June 10th to the 14th. With that four day window, I played the hell out of this game, and loved every bit of it. It is a game that has the lighter vibe and sports competition of Rocket League, but the difference is I have more control over my character and over the situation. I really hope this game catches on in 2020, because I personally love this game more than Rocket League.


Squeezed in among other games at Microsoft’s press conference is this hidden gem, about building up a community on a boat and going on an adventure. In their ninety second trailer, they captured so many different emotions; ones of love, loss, adventure, and more. On top of that, the art style impressed, the music amazed, and the gameplay mechanics of exploring and building look like a blast. This game is my top new game of Microsoft’s press conference, and one of the best games this E3.

Watch Dogs Legion

I saved the best for last. Watch Dogs Legion is the only game this year that impressed me, showing a big technological leap in games. There is a level of skepticism as to how they will try to present characters cinematically as well as their “origin mission,” but what was shown at Ubisoft’s press conference is impressive. Being able to play as any NPC, and each having different abilities, biographies, and more sounds incredible, and I would love to see how that plays out. I am not a fan of bringing politics into the game, but I know Watch Dogs has always been a more political game series compared to others. Despite that, Watch Dogs in my opinion is the game of E3 this year, and is one I can’t wait to play.

That about wraps up my list as well as E3 this year. There will be one more E3 blog on The Game Critics Awards, but that won’t be for a little while. This year’s E3 was a dud, with what feels like more older announcements than new announcements. Still, some exciting new games were shown, both old and new, that still have me excited for this year and especially the next. 2020 is an exciting year for releases, and I am now very curious as to what E3 will be next June. Thank you for reading, and here is to another year of E3.