My Top Five Anticipated Releases of September 2017

Last month I was too late, and now I am too early. But that's fine, because dates don't stop this list. I had to do this a bit earlier than I would have liked because I am busy all the way up to September. But, I will say that one of the reasons for putting this out early is something that I am excited for and I have been waiting to write about all year. But I will talk about it when I have done it, so tune in for that.

But back to business. Let's talk about the top five games I am looking forward to this September. I have decided to start using Metacritic as my source for upcoming games, but even Metacritic misses some games. So keep in my mind that I may have missed some games(though I have seen a lot more with Metacritic than with any other game list.)

The rules are the same as last time, but here are the rules for those who don't know: it has to be on at least one big system( PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch), it has to be a new game(no re-release, remaster, etc. But I will count games leaving early access), it has to be released in September(if the game has a multi-month release, then I count the earliest month the game is releasing), and I will not count DLC. I will sometimes put in some special games, but they will not count to the list. I will count games entering early access , but if I do I will not count the game when it exits early access. With all of that stuff out of the way, let's get into the meat of this blog.

5. City of Brass

City of Brass is a first-person rogue-lite game coming out September 18th and being developed by Uppercut Games. You play as a thief going through a mystical city in search of riches while racing against the sands of time in an Arabian Nights setting. Armed with a whip and a sword, you go around fighting the undead and traversing the level in search of some sweet fortune. Their are a lot of things that excite me for this game. I like the Arabian theme, the whip seems like a cool weapon to use and a good traversal tool, the levels look fun and are procedurally generated, the art style and the enemies look really cool, and more. Plus, some ex-Bioshock developers are working on this game, so that gives me hope that this will be a great game. I love the premise of rogue-like and having a near infinite level possibility, but I usually end up not sticking to a rogue-like game very long. I hope this game breaks my curse, but we will have to see if the game is any good when it comes out on the 18th.


Echo is a third person action stealth game coming out September 19th and being developed by Ultra Ultra. You play as a girl named En, who reaches A palace out of legend after a century of travel in space in stasis. You reach the castle and begin to explore, only to find out the castle isn't what it seems. It seems to track what you do, then sends clones of you called 'echoes' out to find and kill you with their newly acquired skills. What interests me the most, beyond the eerie yet amazing setting and story, is the gameplay mechanic. The fact that the worst enemy in the game is you, and everything you do has consequence. It's completely up to you how you play, but it's how you play that determines how difficult the game will be. To me, this idea is very cool, and can lead to strategic and thought-inducing gameplay. I think it will be one of the more fun stealth games out there, because the stealth will be at your levels. It is a great way of learning the consequences of using weapons in stealth, as for what goes around, comes around. We will have to wait and see if this game does well when the 19th rolls around.

3. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Dishonored: DOTO is a first person stealth action standalone Dishonored game coming out September 15th and is being made by Arkane studios. In this entry, you play as Billie Lurk, a killer-for-hire as she and her mentor Daud team up to take down the biggest baddie of them all; the supernatural power giving and wielding man known as the Outsider. I love Dishonored, whether it be the choices in how you go through each mission, the powers and weapons, or the story and setting. And this game seems to be more of that, which already has me on board. But what really has me on attention is the new cast of characters and the new story. I do love Corvo and Emily, but I feel that Daud and Billie are much more interesting characters. This game runs many parallels with Uncharted: Lost Legacy, but I want this standalone more than the other because I want more of this more than I want Uncharted. Another thing that I like about this game is the villain. I think that the Outsider is a really cool character, and for this crew to go against a man as powerful as him will be interesting. I don't know how they are going to take down him, but we will find out on the 15th.

2. Raid: World War 2

Raid: World War 2 is a first person co-op shooter coming out September 26th and is being made by Lion Game Lion. You play as one of four characters going around World War 2 Europe shooting Nazi and looting their gold. It's as simple as that, but this premise is surprisingly untouched. Their are plenty of World War 2 games, but what about ones where the primary objective is to rob? I love the fact that it takes a different approach to the WW2 FPS genre. Also, I am a huge fan of Payday, so more Payday but with shooting Nazis instead of the police will be a lot of fun for me. But this game seems to improve upon Payday, as for the missions seem to have more meaningful and fun objectives and the characters look better than the ones from its modern counterpart. I have been waiting for this game ever since its first trailer came out with the weird faces, and I cannot wait to play. I was close to giving this to the number one spot, but their is one game I have been waiting for longer. But waiting longer or not, expect a copy in my hands on the 26th.

1. Cuphead

Cuphead is a run-and-gun 2d game coming out September 29th and is being developed by Studio MDHR. You play as a cup, traversing through strange worlds fighting bosses in this 30s cartoon themed game. I have been waiting for this game for years, and I can't believe it's now coming out. I absolutely love the 30s theme. The music, graphics, gameplay style, and more makes this eye and ear candy. It reminds me so much of going to Disneyland and going into the 30s theater or going onto Splash Mountain. But it isn't just the looks or the sounds that draws me in. The gameplay looks like a lot of fun too. The bosses are unique, the game is challenging, and the gameplay is unique. The gameplay is said to be similar to Metal Slug, which got me even more hyped, as for I love Metal Slug. I love looking at this game, and playing the game will surely make that experience worth the wait and then some. I can't wait to really experience the hand-drawn art and go around in the overworld on the 29th.

Special: Ruiner and Tooth and Tail

I wanted to mention these two games, as for they are a very close 5th place. It took awhile for me to choose between these two and City Brass. Even though they didn't make the list, I thought these two games still deserve a shout out.

Anyways, there is my list. I open the mic to anyone else who wants to share their top September games. I got a lot of hope and anticipation riding on Cuphead, and I really hope it turns out great. But only time will tell as the month of September rolls on. Stay tuned for the October list.