My Top Five Anticipated Releases Of January 2019

A new year, a new set of releases. Hello and welcome to another list of another set of games. Since January does tend to be the most dud month of the year in terms of releases, I have decided to allow a game that wouldn’t normally be allowed. So, here are the rules that I am not strictly following this month.

The game has to be released on at least one of the major systems (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch). The game has to be new, so no remasters or re-releases onto new systems. One thing I do count is a game either entering or exiting early access, but that game can only be counted once. If a game does have multiple release dates like Destiny 2 or GTA 5, then I will only count the earliest release date. The exception to that is if the game has a pre-order bonus of entering the game early, in which I will count its normal release date. Finally, it has to be a game, not a DLC. With the rules out of the way, let's look at my top picks for January.

5. Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a third-person adventure game by Square Enix that combines the worlds of Final Fantasy and various Disney characters into one big universe. I’m not even going to try to make an elevator pitch for the plot because of how convoluted the whole series seems. I wouldn’t say I am specifically excited for this game as I am to just get into the series. I’ve been meaning to try the games out, and Kingdom Hearts 3 is my excuse to do so. Plus, it’s nice to see the previous games remastered on the PS4, so I can play through the whole thing on one system. Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to release on the 25th for Xbox One and PS4.

4. Feudal Alloy

Feudal Alloy is a metroidvania by Attu Games that has you, a run-of-the-mill fish in a robotic body, traversing a medieval world hunting down the ones who destroyed your home town. Metroidvania games feel like a-dime-a-dozen these days, but I think its art style and quirky humor got to me. The art style is hand-drawn; and when it comes to the humor, I think a human-sized mechanical fish bowl speaks for itself. Feudal Alloy is going to release the fish AI on you when it releases on the 17th for all four systems.

3. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Travis Strikes Again is a Suda 51 game and is the third entry into the No More Heroes series that has Travis and Badman sucked into a video game and competing against each other in seven mini-games. Not only have I never played a No More Heroes Game, I’ve never played a Suda 51 game. Because of that, I think this will be a good jumping-in point for me. Plus, I think the mini-games look neat and could prove to be fun with another person. Travis Strikes Again will be out on the Switch when the 18th arrives.

2. Resident Evil 2

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 is the 2018 remake to, get this, Resident Evil 2. The story follows two characters, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, as they make there way through an infested Raccoon City. With my normal rule set, this wouldn’t have made the list, but a mixture of this month being rather dud and really big changes makes this game appear on this list. This game didn’t just slap some brand new textures on the older version and called it a daw. This game is made from the ground up, whether it be a remade story or the new third person controls. I am a fan of the Resident Evil games, but I haven’t really had the chance to play the older titles, so being able to play a spruced-up modern version of a classic should be a lot of fun. Resident Evil 2 will be shambling its way to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on the 25th.

1. Genesis Alpha One

Genesis Alpha One is a Radiation Blue game that mixes a futuristic FPS with a rogue-like and a base builder and has you trying to start life anew out in space. I’ve been following this game for awhile, and despite the delays I am still excited to see what is to come of this game. The scale of this game sounds massive, the various mechanics around base-building and exploration sound like a lot of fun, and I think the FPS gameplay looks like a blast. I always love it when a company decides to mix multiple genres into one big game, and I think this may be the thing I am looking for. Genesis Alpha One will be out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on the 29th.

That is going to wrap up this list. Even though it is a dud month, I think there are some good titles to be excited about. It certainly is a lot better than 2018 at least (with the exception of Monster Hunter). Thank you all for reading, and tune in next month where things get crazy in February.