My Top Five Anticipated Releases of December 2017

The last month of the year has arrived, and that means it is the time of choosing what are the best games of the year. Because of that, this month's releases are few and far between. Even the crappy five dollar games are slowing down. But that doesn't mean their is nothing releasing, and that means that I have come back yet again for another anticipated list of the month. And what better to start this list than a set of rules.

The game has to be released on at least one of the following systems: PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Switch. The game has to be new, so no remasters or anything like that. One thing I will count though is early access, in which I will consider the game if it enters or leaves early access, but I will not consider both acts for the same game. Finally, the game has to have released this month, obviously. If the game has release dates in multiple months (Destiny 2, for example), then I will only consider the earliest release date. Rules are cool, but so are games. Let's actually get into the list.

5. Tiny Metal

For awhile I have heard about Advance Warsand how everyone wants more of that style of gameplay, so I am happy to see its spiritual successor Tiny Metal come out this month and give me a chance to experience what everyone is talking about. But this isn't the only reason it made this list. I have always enjoyed a good and simple turned-based game (Mario + Rabbids did make number one on my August list) and I think that this game will be a lot of fun. I also love the map and characters of the game and how they are big units in big areas zoomed out to a simple grid map. I have heard a lot about this style of game, and I hope it lives up to what I have heard when the game comes out on December 21st.

4. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The final big Switch title of the year is my next pick on my list. I have also heard a lot about this game, and from what I have seen I think it is a cool looking game. The biggest thing that is appealing to me with this game is its grand open world. I think that its expansive world that is on top of a large beast is really cool and all of the diverse areas I have seen look like a lot of fun to explore. But its world isn't the only thing that intrigues me with this game. The cast of characters and how each of them are blades is unique and the combat is something I have always wanted to try. But hey, I get to have that chance soon as for the game will be releasing tomorrow from the time this blog post is released.

3. Seven: The Days Long Gone

Seven: The Days Long Gone is a game I only recently discovered, but is one that looks like a lot of fun. This game reminds me a lot of an isometric version of Dishonored with its darker atmosphere and its stealth-based gameplay. But their is more here than just parallels to Dishonored. I think its story looks intriguing, its open world will be interesting to explore, the setting and environment looks cool, and the gameplay looks like a lot of fun. Just like Xenoblade, the wait for this game comes down to just one day, and I can't wait to see how this game pans out.

2. Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor has been a game that has been around for so long that I almost forgot about it entirely. But nevertheless, here it is at number two. For the longest time I thought the game was cool just because its quaint setting mixed with a darker theme. But a lot of improvements have been made since than and I think that they are all for the better. The story looks even wackier, with parts like you shrinking and seeing the man be a huge beast or riding a cart high up in the sky. Also, I love how this game is primarily a stealth game despite the fact that the feel of the game says otherwise (unless you are just Agent 47 as a child). But the big thing that interested me was the fact that the neighbor will remember your moves and act accordingly, which is a feature I thought was incredibly neat back in September when I picked the game Echo for number four. But finding out if your character lives up to Agent 47, Sam Fisher, or other sneaking legends will be decided when the game releases on December 8th.

1. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

I guess this is an unfair advantage considering I already have a lot of hours into it, but I decided to allow PUBG on this list due to the small amount of games releasing this month. But even if I had zero hours into this game, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds would still make this list. I have loved the battle royale genre ever since I watched Battle Royale, and I think that as a game would be a lot of fun. I have tried the other two battle royale games( King of the Kill and Fortnite Battle Royale), but I think that this one is the best for its tight controls, good island, balance of simplicities and complexities, and more. PUBG is coming out just in time for those making their games of the year pick, and I honestly believe that this is one of the better games of 2017.

Well, that is it for the year of 2017. I believe that this is one of the best years of video games over the last couple of years, and I hope that next year will bring even better games than before. As for now, it's time to switch from what is upcoming to what has already happened in terms of video game releases in 2017. But even with game of the year, I will be back with another list for the releases of the first month of the new year in 2018. Happy holidays!