My Thoughts On (Unreal) PT


No matter how hard Konami tries to bury PT, the community will not let it die. Now, another person has recreated the infamous little demo and put it out for the world to see. This time though, I wasn’t going to let this game slip through my fingers before Konami pulls the plug, so I got the game and even copied the files onto a flash drive. Even though this isn’t the exactly one-to-one with PT (mainly with puzzles that involve the controller), it seems pretty damn close. So, here are my thoughts on (Unreal) PT.

Before I begin, I want to start by saying I have never played PT before this. I have barely even seen gameplay before this, so this won’t be about comparing the two or anything like that. Alright, now let’s get into it.

The entire experience took me around one hour and forty minutes to complete. Because of that, this blog probably won’t be that long because I can only think of a few talking points. From the few gameplay clips and screenshots I have seen of the original game, I can tell that this is a really good remake of PT. It’s only a hallway with a bathroom, but man did this person nail it. Using a mixture of assets from the original as well as new assets from scratch, Radius made a PT that is indistinguishable from the original.

I start the game, and I am already hitting a wall; well, it’s actually a door but that’s besides the point. I was surprised to find that this game is actually a puzzle game. I knew there were puzzles in this game, but I didn’t think they would be this hard. Still, I found the puzzles to be a lot of fun to solve, even if I was cheating a lot of them. It wasn’t long after until I found the (figurative and literal) loop of the game: keep going through the door next to the front door, and if it is closed then find a way to open it. That may sound negative, but I actually enjoyed this loop because of what it brought the next time around.

This wouldn’t be a (cancelled) Silent Hill game without horror, so of course this game has got that too. This is where the game was both at its best and at its worst. I love the atmospheric horror set up with this game. The repetition of going through the same room again mixed with the uncertainty of what is going to happen next made me at the very least uneasy, and you mix all of that with the shape-shifting environments, mind-bending puzzles, and eerie background noises, and you got yourself one pretty damn scary experience. The atmosphere of this game nails the horror: whether it be a radio saying some not-so-normal stuff, the messages seen throughout the experience, a light in the front area constantly swinging, or even the moving eyeballs that are found on every picture frame during one sequence. What they did with the atmosphere is genius, and even for a short demo I have never experience something quite like it.

Really weird sequences would sometimes happen, and when those happened it showed just how great the atmospheric horror is in this game.

Really weird sequences would sometimes happen, and when those happened it showed just how great the atmospheric horror is in this game.

Now I did say the horror was the game at its worst as well, but what did I mean by that? Like I said, the atmosphere of this game was the game’s best, and that is what truly made the experience scary, but I found a few jump scares that were just cheap. I think jump scares can be good if you do them well, but this game doesn’t. For all of the atmospheric horror that this game presents, I found the few jump scares in this game to be right in your face. While it did scare me, I still considered it cheap because it wasn’t good. Instead of doing a good jump scare like, say, turning around to find her on the upper floors or at the end of the hallways, they just do a flash in front of your screen like a cheap pop-up youtube video. I know that there are supposed to be times when that happens, but I never experienced them in my playthrough. The game does do it well at the end where you can find her standing at a distance with her head moving faster than Konami trying to shut PT remakes down, but the earlier times in the game when they did were dumb and almost ruined the atmospheric horror.

In conclusion, I think PT is a great little…thing that I wish was fully imagined. PT shows just how great Silent Hills could’ve been, and now I know why this thing is still relevant to this day. While it does have some horror low-blows, I think that the fact that they made a hallway in a house one of the scariest experiences around is quite something, and the puzzles that accompany this experience were also fun to solve. This is definitely a thing worth experience, and I would recommend getting onto it before it is too late.