My Thoughts On The Proxima Royale Beta

I recently picked up a beta key from Intel Gaming Access, so I did what I do best and played the game so I can write about it. So, let’s see how this battle royale game stands out, shall we.

As I said earlier, Proxima Royale is a battle royale game, though do I need to tell you when the title has the word Royale in it? This one takes place in the future, where you play as a robot and the bow-and-arrow you are carrying has holographic-looking arrows. As the mode implies, you start on the island and try to stay alive against others as the playable area shrinks. But anyone who has been playing games in the past two years knows this. So the ultimate question is how this game stands out from the rest.

Unfortunately, the biggest thing that makes this game stand out from the rest is how unfinished and bad this game feels. I get that a beta means the game is incomplete, but I also know that a beta means the game should be pretty close to completion, something this game is nowhere near. So, what are the shortcomings of this game? Where to even begin.

Let’s start with what I believe is the worst aspect of this game: the map. Why does it suck? because the entire right side of it is empty. Not a single building can be found on the right side of the map, which meant everyone was crammed into the left side. Fortunately, the player count wasn’t that high and the game chose your spawn so it wasn’t pure chaos. What isn’t fortunate are the buildings that make up the left side. They feel incredibly cut-and-paste and feel empty because, well, they are empty. They are just giant rooms with nothing in them. Nothing, except for the supplies that you get in the game. Supplies include weapons, ammo, and health and energy drops. Weapons both look and feel the same with the exception of the sniper rifle, and the shooting feels weightless. Attachments (sights really) are the only distinguishing thing between each gun, so I picked up weapons based on the scope on the gun, not the gun itself. Also, the guns offer a toggle fire option which doesn’t work. Getting shot has no visual or aural clues whatsoever, so I often found myself dead before I even realized how little health I had. Speaking of clues, the circle closing had no visual or aural clues as well, so I constantly found myself randomly checking the map only to see the circle closing in fast on me. The health drops are few-and-far-between, and they only healed a small chunk of health. So for most of my time when playing, I was running around with a small drop of health and nothing to heal myself with. I would of course take the items off of the enemies I killed if it weren’t for the fact that they don’t drop their loot. Oh, and did I mention there isn’t an inventory screen? But what about this energy thing I was talking about earlier?

I can’t think of a worse battle royale map.

I can’t think of a worse battle royale map.

The highlight of this game (as well as the one thing that distinguishes itself from other royale games) is an energy bar. As far as I know, it has three uses: the ammo for the bow-and-arrow that you start with, double jumping, and a hoverbike that you can spawn in at any moment. The main thing I cared about was the hoverbike, because being able to spawn it whenever was a big help. Unfortunately, even the best parts of the game had issues. The bow-and-arrow felt utterly worthless, the double jump didn’t do any good, and the hoverbike had no audio. Though now thinking about it, the audio design in this game is either broken or terrible, so I guess I’m glad I wouldn’t have to listen to whatever audio clip they choose for the hoverbike.

Jesus robots. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a miracle from the man himself for this game to succeed.

Jesus robots. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a miracle from the man himself for this game to succeed.

This is where things get weird. The one small weird thing is you either walk on water or walk on the ground underwater. But the biggest thing that is really weird about this game are the differences between this version and a version of this game a few months back. If you look at gameplay from a few months back, you can see the changes made. Guns back then were more realistic, whereas they now look more futuristic. Buildings looked different and the map overall looked larger. The earlier versions of this game look rough, but it still looks like a version I would rather play than the version I did play. I know that they changed a lot to this game, but the question I am left with is why?

Then there are issues that I don’t entirely blame them for. This game has got to be the record for the longest times I have ever waited for a multiplayer match, though that plus the low amount of players in each match can be blamed on the low amount of players. This game also only had a solo option, which meant that I couldn’t team up with a friend, though this didn’t stop my friend and I from meeting up and playing together. Also, I can see this as a player count issue. Finally, this game had no sense of progression whatsoever, though I can somewhat excuse this for being early.

I have now probably played at least seven battle royale games. Whether they be games I own, playing a beta, playing a free-to-play game, or even just a free weekend. The battle royale market is incredibly competitive, and I can see a few things that can be done to have your royale game stand out. Try going free, try doing something incredibly unique, or even just try slapping in a royale mode into your other game. This game does none of that. This game feels incredibly generic, and I am surprised that they called this game a beta. The only way this game will work is if they completely overhaul the game and do something completely different, though my guess is they won’t. I don’t like to see games or companies fail, but from what I have played I can guarantee this game is going to crumble. I know there are plans for this game to do add in other modes and whatnot, but I would be surprised if the game survives for that long.

In conclusion, I think Proxima Royale isn’t just a bad battle royale game; it’s just a bad game in general. The shooting feels terrible, the loot is scarce, the map is as empty as the buildings, the game is filled with technical issues, and it ultimately doesn’t offer anything new or unique. The best thing I can really say about the game is at least it runs smoothly. There are plenty of other better battle royale games out there, so if you are looking for one to play then I would say don’t look here.