My Thoughts on the Bethesda Games Coming to Switch

Not too long ago, a Nintendo Direct happened detailing upcoming titles to the Switch. A lot of the titles were expected, but their were a few that were a big surprise. We already knew that Skyrim is coming onto the platform, but nobody could have expected the announcement of new Doom and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus for the Switch. When I heard about this, I had a lot of thoughts go through my head, and I felt like sharing them.

First, let's get into the tiny amount of details that currently exist. Doom will be on the Switch this holiday and Wolfenstein 2 will release in 2018. A lot of the other details about these releases pertain to Doom.These include the physical release will have a separate download for multiplayer that will require an SD card, and that the game will have all of the DLC, but will not have level editor known as SnapMap.

Like I said, I got some thoughts on these releases, and I decided to number them off.

1. These releases are a good example of third-party support of triple-a titles for the Switch.

So far, their are not a lot of big titles on the Switch, and this is especially so with third-party titles. A big reason for that is the hardware restraint the Switch has, with it running games considerably worse than the competition as well as the serious lack of storage. These games will be no exception, as for Doom will still need a download and SD card despite physical release and looks considerably worse compared to other versions of Doom. Despite all of this, I still believe these two games are a great example of a big new game on the Switch. L.A. Noire is also a great example of a big third-party title, but I feel that its age makes the game easier to port than the two Bethesda games. Their are other big third-party releases coming for the Switch as well, but those had release dates that go a bit farther back. So I want to take Doom out of the equation for now and look at Wolfenstein 2. Even though it is being released a bit later, I believe this release shows that these big third-party releases for the Switch can release at around the same time as the rest of the systems, and Wolfenstein is a start. I don't think every big game will release for the Switch, but I think these games are the start of more big games releasing at the same time as the console and PC releases. Now someone can point to a game such as NBA 2K18 and say all of the same things, but I still think its these two games that will start this trend because games such as NBA release on everything (including phones). I think that these releases will also prove a real threat to PS4 and Xbox One. The Switch still does prove a threat, but for the most part the games have been different. If you want the big shooters, stick with the other consoles. If you want good first-party titles, go with the Switch. But now that their is a big shooter coming to the Switch, the other consoles will now have a big contender to deal with. I'm not saying you are going to see Call of Duty or Battlefield any time soon in the subway, but this is a start. I really hope that this will incentivize other big studios to release for the Switch as well as the others, even with the downgrades.

2. Despite what I just said, I still think that their should be a limit on the amount of downgrades to a game where passing that limit means it shouldn't be made for the Switch.

The unavoidable truth with the Switch is that their is a big power loss that comes with the console. I can't say for everybody, but I am willing to take a loss of good graphics to play on the Switch, but I do think their should be a limit. Sadly, I think Doom is right on the limit for me. While I accept the graphics loss for the game, I don't know if I could swallow down the lack of SnapMap and a big download even for the physical copy. I hope that by the time more big releases come out for the Switch, Nintendo would have released a new version with a much bigger hard drive. I guess the SD card is inevitable, but I think the loss of SnapMap is a bit too far. I would love big releases, but if the sacrifice is too great than I don't think it is worth it. And going back to the graphics, the Switch has proven that good graphics can be done even on not-so-good hardware; but the catch to that is the games that do look great are not trying to look realistic. They are artsy games, like BOTW or Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. So it goes without saying, but the game that try to look realistic are not going to look great on the system. To me, graphics don't matter; but I still think it is something worth thinking about.

Those are my thoughts on these games coming to the Switch. In the end, I am excited for games like Doom, Wolfenstein 2, L.A. Noire, Rocket League, and others coming to this platform. Unfortunately, I think that Wolfenstein 2 may be a wildcard and that the only way of seeing big titles on the Switch release along side the others are with other wildcards. But I'm going to keep on the optimistic side of things and hope that these games take off. Another thing I hope takes off is having these older big titles like L.A. Noire bring an incentive to bring in other older big titles. I know it's a pipe dream, but I never got to play Red Dead Redemption, so...

But those are my thoughts. I would love to hear about your thoughts on this. Put them in the comments and let's have a discussion about it.

Also, here is the announcement video for the two games: