My Thoughts on Shockrods

Another day, another beta key. They keep coming, I keep playing them. As I slowly become brain-dead to the mediocre multiplayer betas I pick up, I find myself spending less and less time with them. Lo and behold, here I am with another multiplayer beta that tries to put a twist on things, but ends up being being a game I only put in roughly an hour in before never wanting to touch it again. Here is Shockrods.

What is this game? It’s an arena shooter but with cars. Do I really need to say anything else? Just saying “arena shooter but with this” should already paint a pretty good picture of what this game is. For me, it is uninspired and boring, because the “twist” of this game isn’t enough. At least Splitgate’s portals made things interesting. This game feels like a lackluster arena shooter that does very little to stand out and lacks features.

I could end there, but I think there are some things to talk about anyways. This game isn’t all bad. The cars have decent controls, the bots are alright, the music ain’t half-bad, and the game saves replays. Hell, it almost feels like a complete arena shooter. Unfortunately, that is where the fun ends. All of this stuff is good and all, but the lack of content here made my time with the game extremely short. The game consists of three modes and three maps (one map per mode), the ability to level up but earn nothing because there is nothing to get, and uninspired weapons. All of this would be okay if the concept of the game was fun at least, but the game is just another arena shooter, so I found myself one hour in forcing myself to play.

I unfortunately have no screenshots to throw in here because they were lost, but I don’t think this blog is long enough for one anyways. I am not a fan of putting out blogs this short, but I have nothing much to say about this game. If you are looking for an incredibly basic arena shooter but with a small twist that doesn’t really do much new for the subgenre and end up playing bot matches because no one is going to pick this game up, then this game is for you. I am not a fan of Shockrods, and I would not recommend it.