My Standings on the 2019 Games Critics Awards

The last event to truly wrap up E3 this year are the Game Critics Awards, which is a bunch of media outlets coming together and voting on what they thought were the top games of E3. I have never paid attention to these awards, but I was surprised to find that there isn’t a video or anything. The list of winners can be found here, but that’s it. So, I guess I’ll get into it. But before I do, I want to say a few things about this.

Even though I do about four of these every year, expect this list to be flawed and subjective. This award show is based on games that haven’t released, so it will be easier to write about than the other award shows, but this is nothing more than my opinion on what should’ve won. Also, A lot of the winners are games that have shown before E3, which I am not a fan of. I’ll try my best to keep the playing field even for new and returning titles, but just know I am not a fan of returning titles winning awards this year. Finally, the show has a rule worth mentioning, which states any game shown that doesn’t have a playable demo will not be eligible for a nomination. With that said, let’s get into the awards.

Best Online Multiplayer-Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Disagree

While I think this year’s Call of Duty seems like a step in the right direction with taking a more nuanced approach to the shooter series, I still don’t think this game is going to shake up the multiplayer side of things. Even though it didn’t make the nomination list, I think Roller Champions would’ve made a better winner. Call me biased for playing the alpha, but Roller Champions feels new compared to every other game in the nomination list (other than Bleeding Edge) that are all sequels to games that won’t really change up their formula.

Best VR/AR Game-Phantom: Covert Ops. Agree

I don’t really have a strong opinion on VR games, but I did hear a lot of people talk about this tactical kayak game. Whether the talk around this game is jokingly or not, it’s the only VR thing talked about this year, so it isn’t too surprising it gets the award.

Best Hardware/Peripheral-Xbox Elite Controller 2. Agree

I don’t have a strong opinion on this subject either, but the improvements to the new controller sounds nice. Personally, I think expensive “pro” controllers are stupid, but I think the audience who likes that stuff will find something of value with this controller.

Best Action Game-Doom Eternal. Agree

Doom 2016 was a fantastic game, and this year’s Doom looks to be following up on it. The Doom Eternal demo at E3 this year was considered the highlight of the show for pretty much everyone who played it, which comes as no surprise to me. I can’t wait for tist game, and I think it easily trumps all of the other nominees.

Best Independent Game-12 Minutes. Agree

While there were some good looking indies on the nomination list, I think 12 Minutes was the game that really impressed. It was one of my top games of the show this year, and I am glad that it is getting good praise. I just wish Spiritfarer made the nomination list.

Best Strategy Game-John Wick Hex. Agree

While the other contenders do look strong, I am happy to see this game get the award. I’m a big fan of John Wick, and the gameplay I have seen for this game looks promising.

Best PC Game-Doom Eternal. Agree

I see this award as ‘what is most vital to play on PC,’ and I can’t think of any game more suited for this than Doom. While the other games would be good for PC as well, Doom is the fastest out of all of them, and a keyboard and mouse is best suited for that.

Best Console Game-Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Agree

I am going to base my judgement of this award on the same premise as the PC award. When I think about games that work best with a controller, a few genres come to mind, but none are represented here. What I do know is that Japanese games usually have terrible keyboard controls, which makes FF7 the best fit for a controller.

Best Sports Game-Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. Disagree

Really? PES, another yearly-released sports title, is taking this award over Roller Champions? Even Mario and Sonic make a more compelling case for this award than PES, and that’s saying something.

Best Racing Game-Crash Team Racing. Disagree

Even though I only like to consider full games for awards and not DLC, I think the Forza Horizon 4 DLC looks awesome. I love that they do something wacky with their DLC, and taking their racing world to Lego feels right. I think CTR looks good, but it isn’t the game I was hoping to win.

Best Original Game-Outer Worlds. Disagree

I think all of the games under this award look fantastic, but I don’t think this game wins for originality. I think it is a close second with its unique setting, but I personally believe Control is a more original game with its unique setting and gameplay mechanics.

Best Action/Adventure Game-Watch Dogs: Legion. Agree

Watch Dogs: Legion was my top new game of the show, so I am glad it is winning something. Watch Dogs 2 did a good job at building a believable San Fransisco, and I bet this game will do a good job at building a solid London. Plus, I think the NPC mechanic will make the gameplay better by offering different characters for different forms of gameplay.

Best RPG-Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Disagree

While I think FF7 is a very important game that I still haven’t played and probably should with this remake, I am personally more excited for Outer Worlds. I wasn’t a huge fan of the FF7 gameplay shown, and I already know that Outer Worlds looks like a lot of fun.

Best Family/Social Game-Luigi’s Mansion 3. Agree

All of the games on this list are solid contenders, but Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a great option for a family game. I think Fall Guys would have also been a good winner, but I am fine with this choice.

Best Ongoing Game-Destiny 2. Agree

While I don’t think Destiny 2 is the best game on this list, I think this year has brought a radical shift for the game. New content and changes to the identity of the game have been made this year, and as far as I can tell fans are enjoying the changes.

Best of the Show-Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Disagree

While I think the game looks impressive, I didn’t get the sense that this was the game of the show. Out of the six nominees, my personal game of the show was Watch Dogs for being both exciting and new, but I know I am the minority on that. In reality, based off of the talks around the game’s demo, I thought Doom would easily snag this award. It feels like a no-brainer considering how much praise its demo got, but I guess not apparently.

That is going to wrap up this blog and E3 content this year. Thank you for reading, and let’s hope E3 is better next year.