My Standings On The 2018 Video Game Awards

The Game Awards just happened, so that means it’s time to write about my standings on the awards. Please keep in mind that this is a very flawed list, as for I haven’t played every single game released in 2018, but I will still try to be as unbiased as I can. So please keep in mind that whatever I say could be (and probably is) wrong. Also, I didn’t care about some of the awards, so the ones I will not be talking about are the best student game, best e-sports game, best e-sports player, best e-sports coach, best e-sports event, best e-sports moment, best e-sports team, best e-sports host, and best content creator. Also, there is no particular order to the awards in this list. With that out of the way, let’s get right into this list.

Best Sports/Racing Game: Forza Horizon 4. Agree

I wasn’t surprised to see Forza Horizon 4 to win considering all of the other contenders are yearly released sports game and Mario Aces Tennis. I know that Forza is also yearly released, but I feel this series goes above and beyond that. I haven’t played any of the nominees or the winner this year, but I always had interest in Forza.

Best Debut Indie Game: The Messenger. Disagree

Don’t get me wrong, I think The Messenger looks like a solid game. But out of those five games, I feel that I heard more about Yoku’s Island Express. This is yet another case of games I haven’t played, and I think the selection is good, but I thought Yoku would be a little better.

Best Indie Game: Celeste. Disagree

Man this one is really tough. Honesty, I felt every single game in this category could’ve taken home the cake. Because of that, I am fine with Celeste winning. Still, I think Dead Cells was quite a phenomenon as well as Into the Breach, so if it were my choice it would be one of those two games.

Best Fighting Game: Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Agree

I don’t even know why I include this topic considering the fact that I am not a fan of the fighting game genre. Still, I felt strongly about Injustice 2 winning, and I feel that this year’s award should have been given to Dragon Ball, and it did. I’m not a fighting game fan or an anime fan, but I still think that this game deserves this award.

Best VR/AR Game: Astrobot Rescue Mission. Disagree

I know Astrobot is said to be a good VR game and all, but I mean c’mon, where is the love for Beat Saber? I feel that the impact of Beat Saber is far greater than most VR games, whereas I just heard talks for around a day on how good Astrobot is. Beat Saber should’ve taken that award.

Best Score/Music: Red Dead Redemption 2. Disagree

With this category and the next, I would say don’t take my answer too seriously because I feel something like music and audio design can only really be experienced in the game. I can look and love the art direction outside of the game, but the audio stuff I feel can only really be judged by playing the game. Because of that, my choice for this one is a default to God of War because it is the one game I played on this list. If Red Dead is better, then Red Dead is better.

Best Audio Design: Red Dead Redemption 2. Disagree

Same thing as the last category. I only say disagree because I went with the games that I played on this list (Black Ops 4, God of War). If Red Dead is better, then Red Dead is better.

Best Family Game: Overcooked 2. Agree

I haven’t played any of the games on this list, but I still feel strong about this award. I am a little surprised to see Overcooked 2 considering it is family-friendly yet a little bit stressful, but I still think the choice made was a good one. If not that one, then I would’ve gone with Labo.

Best Mobile Game: Florence. Agree

I’m not a mobile game player, but I still wanted this award to go to a mobile-only game. I know how much people loved Florence, so I am happy to see this game win.

Games For Impact: Celeste. Disagree

Don’t take my answer seriously, because I haven’t played any of these games and I don’t know the impact these games have made. I only say disagree because I thought it would be cool if 11-11: Memories Retold won, but if Celeste was the right choice, then it was the right choice.

Best Performance: Roger Clark (as Arthur Morgan) Red Dead Redemption 2. Disagree

You can only experience the acting by truly playing as the character, so don’t take my choice too serious as well. But this one is interesting because I didn’t really hear about how fantastic Roger was. I don’t doubt he did great, but I felt I heard more about Kassandra from AC Odyssey or Connor from Detroit: Become Human than I did about Arthur Morgan. Still, it’s hard for me to judge considering I only played God of War from that list, so if he really was the best then I guess he is the best.

Best Strategy Game: Into the Breach. Agree

Into the Breach was the only game I played from this list, but even if I didn’t I still would’ve picked this game. Few turn-based strategy games has had as much impact as this game has in the last few years, so to see this game win is no big shocker. If in some snowball’s chance in Hell this game didn’t win, then my second choice would’ve been Frostpunk, even though I still haven’t played it yet.

Best RPG Game: Monster Hunter World. Agree

Monster Hunter was the only game I played from this list, but I didn’t have a doubt in my mind it would win. Just like Into the Breach, the impact of this game was staggering, and it is Capcom’s best selling game for a reason.

Best Ongoing Game: Fortnite. Agree

I mainly agree with this game not because I feel strongly about it, but because of how big the game is. It’s a no-brainer that this game won, and while I personally would’ve picked something a little more creative, I just can’t help but look at how much Epic has done for this game. I didn’t feel that strong about this award, but I just knew Fortnite was going to win.

Best Art Direction: Return of the Obra Dinn. Agree

Art direction is something that can be experienced outside of the game. A lot of the awards I have talked about I said that it is hard to judge it outside of the game, but this one I can. God of War was the only game I played in this category, but I knew this game didn’t (and shouldn’t) take the cake for this one. The one I wanted above all else was Obra Dinn for its art style unlike anything I have ever seen. This one was a no-brainer.

Best Multiplayer Game: Fortnite. Disagree

I know what I said about the game earlier, but I think that stuff applies well to an ongoing game. For best multiplayer game, I would’ve personally used something released this year. Still, I know the impact of this game so I am not surprised Fortnite won.

Best Action Game: Dead Cells. Agree

I’m not too surprised to see Dead Cells take this one. I don’t think any of the other options are as strong as this title, so I’m glad to see it take home the cheddar.

Best Action/Adventure Game: God of War. Agree

This one is a hard one to judge outside of the games, but I knew it ultimately came down to Red Dead or God of War. I defaulted to God of War because it is the one I played, but I also felt that there was more positivity around God of War gameplay than Red Dead gameplay.

Best Narrative: God of War. Agree

Again, hard to judge outside of the game, but I would fight tooth and nail for this game’s narrative to win. The impact of this narrative is grand, and I haven’t really heard about the narrative of other games like I have about this game.

Best Game Direction: God of War. Agree

I did think A Way Out at first, but five years making a game where the whole game is one long camera shot can’t be overstated.

Best Game of the Year: God of War. Agree

To me, God of War is something that goes above game of the year. It feels like the game of the PS4 generation. I thought it would be a close one between this and Red Dead, but I just knew that God of War was going to be the winner.

That is going to wrap up my deeply flawed list that I still keep making every year. Overall, I thought the awards this year was a lot better than last year, but I still feel the show needs to work on its announcement/award balance. What do you think should’ve won? Put your thoughts down below. Thank you all for reading, and tune in soon when I talk about the game announcements made at The Game Awards.

The Game Awards game announcement ranking can be found here.