My Interpretation of The Beginner's Guide

A little while ago, I played 'The Beginner's Guide' as per request of a couple of friends. It wasn't until now that I decided to write about the game and my interpretation of the game. So let me back track a bit to when I played the game. Also, keep in mind that my interpretation isn't the right answer. This story can be interpreted in many different ways, and their is no right answer. Everyone perceives this game in a different way, and so now I'm talking about how I perceived it. Also, it should go without mention that this blog contains spoilers, so I would highly recommend playing the game before reading this entry.

Anyways, it was back in January 2017 when a couple of friends told me to play this game. They said for me to go buy it and then talk to them when I did. I have heard about the game before they told me about it, but I never really cared about the game until then. So, I decided to pick up the game and play. For those who don't care about playing the game and decided to read this blog anyways, the game is about Davey. Davey is the creator of 'Stanley Parable,'and this game has him talking about his experience with this second character named Coda. The game has you jumping from one unfinished game to the next Coda created in a three year span. For those who still have not played the game while reading this, the reason why I say to play the game is because also, it is hard to describe the ending. So essentially the rest of this blog will be pointless to you because I can't really give any context about the end. The best way I can describe the ending to you is to either play the game or watch it all on youtube.

Their is more to any game than you think.

Their is more to any game than you think.

Anyways, I finished the game, and I loved it. The only problem is, I didn't understand it. So of course, I decided to go to the internet for an explanation. I went from writers of big media websites to answers on a forum asking 'explanation pls.' I looked everywhere, but their wasn't a clear answer. Everyone had something different to say about the game. So I stepped away from the computer, and I started doing some laundry to clear my mind. That was when the answer hit me. To me, trying to find the explanation to the game was the explanation to the game. I tried to find an explanation to the game to satisfy that hole of curiosity, but to also feel good about myself when I explain my interpretation to others. But that was the struggle Davey went through with Coda's work. Coda wanted to make games for himself, but it was Davey who took those games and warped them to his own benefit. Davey symbolized everything. He even put in his own symbols, like the lamp post. He interpreted in his mind that Coda was depressed, which he then used as a platform to show others about how he found out all of this to make himself feel better. Especially in the hard Davey was in, he used Coda as a way to make himself feel good by making Coda look like how Davey was really feeling.

In the game, Davey said that he had arguments with Coda on whether or not the game should be playable. He was referring to a game where you are locked into a jail cell for an hour. Coda was arguing that the game should lock you in that cell for an actual hour, while Davey didn't want that to happen. Coda wanted to make games that made him happy and wanted to keep them to himself, but Davey wanted Coda to have that stress to make a game that pleased everyone. Because of that, Coda started making games that conveyed a message of depression and sharing it with Davey because he knew it made him happy when he showed the world about his games.

Even as I explain my interpretation, I realize I fall into Davey's shoes of trying to find a deeper meaning to a game to satisfy myself and make myself feel good. I'm not saying I'm depressed or anything, but I relate to Davey in the sense that I have this need to find deeper meaning and to symbolize everything so then I could tell my friends that told me about this game the meaning of this game. That is why I love this game. It got me thinking on levels that were paradoxical. And to those who still decided to read this instead of playing the game, that is the reason why I think you should play The Beginner's Guide.