My Favorite E3 2017 Trailers Part 3: Return of the Somber Music

Welcome back once more to my list of trailers from E3 2017. If you want to know why I chose what I chose as well as see my previous trailers, check out part one and part two by clicking on the links. I do want to specify one thing again before I start my list: There are games that I am excited for that will not be on the list because their trailer wasn't as good. To be on this list, both the trailer and the game have to be good in my opinion. I got nothing else to say for now, so let's get right into the list.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

I have not played the Firs Beyond Good and Evil, but even I knew about the hype surrounding the game. Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer showed me why people are hyped for the game. Lively and diverse characters, futuristic Asian environments, great music, fantastic visuals, and what I'm guessing is good action. BGE2 makes me want to play the first game as well as hope this game comes out soon. Let's hope this game lives up to its hype.

Far Cry 5

As a fan of the Far Cry series, it is no surprise I would enjoy the next newest Far Cry game. But Far Cry 5 really knocked my socks off. This trailer showed a ton of different aspects of the game. Its mood, its mechanics, its enemies, its allies, its environment, and more, and I loved every bit of it. The brutality and seriousness of the cult, the great fun of killing them in every way possible, the possible funny moments like killing a man with a tractor, the beauty of Montana, the harsh enemies, the great allies like a support plane, a sniper, and a dog that steals guns from enemies, and more. Also, the trailer using a non-somber version of a good song was refreshing and seeing you shoot your revolver to the lyrics was kinda funny. Being able to have plane combat will also be a blast. And seeing how everything, including friends, are 'for hire' also got a small chuckle out of me. I can't wait to explore the cut off world of Montana in Far Cry 5 with a gun in one hand and an atheist flag in the other (it was a joke, I don't want any religious controversy.)

Skull and Bones

I haven't tried out the naval combat in Assassin's Creed 4, but I feel Skull and Bones will be a great way to play around with that. Despite the somber song that made me laugh more than anything, Skull and Bones trailer got me wanting to try out that combat. With cool looking ships, interesting looking captains, good dialogue about the pirates of 1721, and some impressive visuals, Skull and Bones looks to be the AC4 ship combat 2.0 game. seeing how in minutes you could go from crazy rich to crazy dead showed how the game could take twists and turns along the way. Also, their was a kraken.


What caught me with Tunic was how it was all over the place. The music is bright and happy, the graphics and colors are warming, and the character is cute. But the enemies are darker, the boss is rather brutal with its attacks, and the game ends with silence. But I feel it was that mixture of light and dark is what drew me into Tunic. Like the happy and bright exploration of Pokemon mixed with the dark combat of Dark Souls. I would love to play this game and see how that balance is dealt with. But whatever comes of Tunic, I will be excited to play it none the less.


I didn't know much about Insomniac's Spider-man, but after this nine minute gameplay trailer, I was pumped. Despite their being a bit too many quick time events for my taste, everything else I saw outweighed that con. Amazing move sets for both parkour and combat, fun looking combat, a good restraint on cheesy lines, and some fun web-slingin' parkour. I know this game has been cooking for a little while, so let's hope this game is worth the wait.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

I still haven't played Horizon Zero Dawn yet, but this trailer makes me want to run out and get a copy. Many things popped out at me with this trailer: the commentary of the lands and how it brings death, showing the animals and the hunters while talking about the hunt then transitioning to men dying and showing the ominous mountain as he talks of death, the impressive visuals, and the interesting characters and animals that inhabit the Frozen Wilds. It's short, sweet, and to the point, and I hope to explore that mountain of smoke and lightning one day for myself.

Shadow of the Colossus

The buildup of music while still being in the background, even when the beasts are shown. The shots at the beginning of a castle, a broken structure, and of a person running, then switching out of that normality to show beasts coming out of the Earth and standing much taller than our titular hero. The building up of action of each shot as we go from a beast looking at him to a beast as he is right about to swing is weapon at him. The final buildup of music as our hero plunges his sword into the head of a beast. With its trailer as grand as the beasts that live inside the game, Shadow of the Colossus trailer simply amazed me. I never got the chance to play this game; but after that trailer, I will make sure to never miss that chance again.

Strange Brigade

The Strange Brigade trailer took me somewhere where I thought I would not go with a game trailer. The trailer took me to the line of the Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland Anaheim right where they showed the thirties news reel where they discovered the tomb of riches and youth. Having that feeling while watching this trailer made me love this trailer and made me want to jump right in. Whether it be starting with the vintage countdown, the text font of the characters being in a quarter-circle, the adventurous music, the fun environments, starting off in a blimp, interesting characters with cool 30s weapons, and the 'Stay Tuned!' at the end. I had a blast with Sniper Elite Zombie Army Trilogy, and that mixed with the thirties adventure vibe makes this game stand out from the others.

God of War

Taking the ageing approach of everyone similar to Logan, the God of War trailer surprised me. I never played the previous games, but I always took them as a kick-ass kind of vibe. But this one seems much more mature. The trailer amazed me. From its first scene with Kratos having his hand out to retrieve his axe and having doubt to whether or not he is powerful to the end where you see a giant serpent offering services to show the scale of the game. The visuals look pretty, the combat looks fun, and the bond between you and your son looks strong and could make a great story. I just hope the game is given to you by a giant serpent spitting it at you like it did with Kratos' axe.

Call of Duty: WW2

Normally, I feel ashamed when I buy a Call of Duty game. But my favorite Call of Duty game is number 2 and seeing this trailer makes me believe that they are finally going back to its roots. I'm happy to see that they have finally shed off the exo suits that they have been wearing for the past three years and go back to the most famous war of all time. I can't say how good the game will be, but what they have shown and said about their game, shows me that this is a new game. A proper new game. This trailer felt to me that they are trying to say 'no more of that futuristic crap' by showing as much WW2 as they possibly can, which to me succeeded. All I can say from here is let's just hope they don't screw it up.

Super Mario Odyssey

So the new Jurassic Park game looks ama... wait, is that a Mario hat? To say this game is weird and makes no sense is an understatement(why are the people normal and taller?) But Super Mario Odyssey has a charm to it that makes me not care about how nonsensical it is and love its weirdness. Odyssey makes me happy, makes me laugh, and makes me feel nostalgic for the days of when I played Mario Galaxy(kinda like Lucky's Tale.) Whether it be the big things like the upbeat song, colorful environment, or its goofy plot about an evil group of wedding planners. Or even the little things like everything Mario takes over has a mustache and hat, looking at a frog shocked out of its mind as Mario takes control, and Bowser and Mario in white wedding suits. Mario Odyssey puts Mario into an open world game unlike any other, and having that on-the-go will hopefully be an experience just as good as Breath of the Wild. Let's just hope Mario doesn't get arrested for invasion of privacy before that release date.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Aw Rats. Despite showing one of my biggest fears of death(slow death, like being eaten alive by rats, quicksand, room filling with water, etc.) A Plague Tale shows me a promising concept for a game. A game where the floor is death and having no light means doom. I can see a fun game coming out of that concept, and I hope they build on that.


This video doesn't come up on any list of E3 trailers, but is one that I caught while watching the Sony press conference. I thought at first the game is already out, so it shouldn't count. But then I realized Skyrim was announced twice so why not. This is one of my favorite trailers of all E3 this year.

SUPERHOT VR Accolades a.k.a. SUPERHOT VR for PS4

While not doing much new, Superhot VR trailer just amazed. The excellent scenes of action, the beautiful piano music, the quotes of excellence from various sources. As a fan of Superhot, this trailer clicked with me because it made me realize something that I haven't realized until now. It was the music and the quote from GameSpot that made me go from liking this trailer to absolutely loving this trailer. As said by GameSpot,"Feels like a beautiful ballerina of death." It's the beauty of how you handle each puzzle is what made Superhot one of the best puzzle shooters out there. The game at its high point was looking back at how I solved each puzzle and how cool it looked at normal speed. That is why I loved this trailer so much. Honestly, the best moment of E3 2017 was hearing the applause this game deserves at the end of the trailer and how it was to me louder than any of the applause at that Sony press conference.

Well, that concludes my list. If you have any questions like if that game is really an Xbox exclusive, then I can't help you. But if you didn't find a game that should be on this list, then ask me in the comments and hopefully I should have the answer. Anyways, thanks for checking out my E3 list, and let's hope they handle their crowds better next year.