My Favorite E3 2017 Trailers Part 2

Welcome to part two of my list! Here are some more trailers that came out of E3 2017 that I enjoyed. I just want to make clear for this list entire list that both the trailer has to look good and that I have to be excited for the game for these games to qualify. Their are good trailers and games that I am excited for that will not be on this list due to their counter part being poor. So despite being excited for Monster Hunter World, Rocket League for the Switch, and others, their trailers just didn't grab me like these trailers. Without further ado, let's get right into part two.

Sea of Thieves

This nine and one half minute trailer of gameplay from Sea of Thieves just shows how much their is to this game. Taking you from a sunken ship to an island full of skeletons back from the dead to fighting against others in naval combat to being shot out of a cannon onto the other ship and fighting those pirates there. All of this while being accompanied by goofy commentary to show the cartoony fun side to the game. Watching the trailer filled me with a sense of wonder and made me want an eye patch and a peg leg. If I play this game with three other friends, I don't know if I could ever come back from the dangerous waters of Sea of Thieves. But the question I have to ask is, how long can you hold your breath?

Super Lucky's Tale

Super Lucky's Tale is a game that normally I would not get, but after watching this trailer gave me one question. When? This game gave me nostalgia of when I was younger and playing Mario Galaxy. And boy did I love that feeling. With it's cute characters, adventurous music, warm environments, and great looking plaftorming, Super Lucky's Tale is a game that made me want to go back to Mario Galaxy and want to play this game as well. By the time the title came up at the end of the trailer with the music reaching its high point, I was all in for this game. Let's hope this game isn't as bad as that gas that came out of the onion.


Going from bright and happy to the dark, Ashen looks to be a Dark Souls game but without faces. Well, it's more than that. With its emotional music, somber commentary, and small clips of two men trying to survive in the world they live in, Ashen looks to be an emotional game, where every swing of your weapon may be your last. It's that emotional gameplay that makes this game feel important to play. You feel a need to be by your friend's side as you fight tooth and nail for your existence. That is what grabbed onto me with this trailer and that is what I want to play when the game comes out. And that is why this trailer is on this list.

Metro Exodus

I have always said the one game I would love to see be made is an open-world Metro game, and now I have my wish fulfilled. The five minute gameplay trailer showed me why I love Metro so much. tense action, a beautiful apocalypse, weird looking weapons, weirder looking animals, and more. The escalating music also helped with the action scenes. In an interview, one of the developers said the entire game was actual gameplay and not any cutscenes, which showed just how great the graphics are. I just wonder how they are breathing above ground without a mask on...

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Speaking of beautiful games, Ori really grabbed my attention while watching the Microsoft press conference with its beautiful graphics, art style, and vibrant colors. But looks itself didn't grab my attention with this trailer. This games exudes emotion and I could already tell their will be a great story with its emotional music, gloomy and cheery environments, and that close bond seen between the owl and the glowing thing ( sorry, I didn't play the previous game.) This game proves better than most that video games can be art, and the emotional trip of heartwarming to downright crying really shows how far video games have come with storytelling.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Despite some weird cuts, Wolfenstein 2 was the best trailer to come out of Bethesda this year. The eight minutes of trailer showed me why new Wolfenstein is so great. The entire trailer was one great thing to the next. The alternate 60s tv channel flipping, the swanky music at the beginning and the end while looking at hardcore nonstop violence, the surprisingly good writing for a shooter game, seeing former allies and enemies(all of which are great) as well as new characters, funny little parts like milkshakes, eating cookies with robotic hands, and having conversations while their building is being shot at, wheelchair combat because why not, that one part with the lady with an axe, alligators, and who could forget the man tripping acid and talking to a little cartoon animal while another person is shanking a nazi. This trailer is legendary and I can't wait to play the game and see Max Hass, Bombate, and others back in the action again.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

A close second for the Bethesda press conference, Dishonored comes back with a great new trailer. Coming back with the song from their trailer of the first game (one of my favorite trailers of all time,) Dishonored Death of the Outsider kept it simple. But that simplicity was also beauty. Following Billy with a tracking shot as she kills her way through goons in various ways showcasing the different ways of dispatching enemies. All of it ending with saving her friend going for one last job; to kill the outsider. But this trailer was also brilliant in the small things: The music being quiet as she is in stealth and it picking up when she is in action, only fully seeing written on the door,"There's only one way out of this world" right when someone dies, and showing her wanted poster mixed with a man who is extremely nervous showing how you don't know who is truly the bad guy. This trailer shows why Dishonored is such a great game and Death of the Outsider will be a great addition to the title.

That concludes part two of this list. From how many more trailers I have in store, I decided not to drag out this list any longer and make part three the last part (ending as a trilogy is a good thing, right?) Thank you for checking out my list. If you didn't see any games you like in my list, then either check out my previous or upcoming list, or its not their. Tune in soon for my last list of E3 trailers.