My Favorite E3 2017 Trailers Part 1

For my intake of E3 coverage, I have been listening to podcasts from Giant Bomb and Game Informer, watching all of the talk overs of press conferences, and watching every E3 trailer. I know I am very late on this, and I am not even done watching and listening to everything yet. I have been very lazy about this, and I wish I wasn't. I decided not to put all trailers into one big list, so I am breaking them up into different parts (I don't know how many parts I am going to make.) Anyways, here is part one of my favorite E3 trailers of this year.

This list will include new trailers of already released games as well as gameplay trailers. This list is a mixture of good trailers as well as games I am excited for. Finally, this list is in no order of how good or bad it is. So sit back, relax, and don't let the somber tracks of songs that don't belong to somber trailers get to you as you dive into this list as well as the future lists I put for E3 2017 trailers. Enjoy.


With a long panning shot around 1918 London, Vampyr is a trailer that got me excited for the game when originally I wasn't. The choice of this panning shot was brilliant, as for it shows the variety of people you will meet and shows the semi open world of London you play in as well. It shows zombie-like creatures, a rich vampire society, British soldiers, common dwellers, etc. And the highlight of people is important, as for in this game, you battle yourself. As a doctor trying to fight a plague, you are sworn to save people. But as a vampire, you have to kill. Also, you have to learn about your prey, making every one you feast on personal. That is where the beauty of the song comes in. It's the devil inside of the protagonist that feeds on people he also needs to protect. This game also looks like a mixture of Dishonored and Dark Souls, which makes this game one that I am excited for.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

MESW trailer at E3 felt like an epic movie trailer. Escalating music that matches with the scene, overlaying dialogue, different clips of allies and enemies, and more make this trailer feel epic. The trailer makes everything feel epic. The story, the scale, the battles, everything. This game looks like it is trying to take the old game and put it on crack and steroids at the same time. Gathering of armies to clash at the gates, new and enemies, a bigger story, and riding a freaking dragon. That final shot of whatever that thing was with fire wings told me that this is a game that will knock my socks off with how big it is. I loved the previous game, let's hope this one is better.

A Way Out

A Way Out was by far the best trailer to come out of EA's press conference this year. Everything hit home for this game: the music that gives off that prison vibe, the idea of a co-op prison escape game set not to far in the past, the slow bonding of two prison mates, etc. Not to sound cheesy, but the level of cooperation between you and one other person I see for this game could make this experience with someone else excellent and can have a sort of bonding experience(or it could end in frustration as for your other person is stupid, who knows.) Having always splitscreen is also an interesting thing to have in game, but I can see being useful for knowing what is going one with the other. I think this game will not only be a fantastic co-op experience, but a great story as well.

Need for Speed: Payback

Need for Speed just went on a heist. NFS Payback gameplay trailer definitely looked stunning like most racing games do, but their was something special about this racing game compared to others. This one seems to be more than racing, which I liked. It's racing, crashing cars, stealing cars, running from cops, and more. All in an open world, and I am excited. Plus, those crashes sure looked pretty. Even small things like spades above the cars showing different classes of enemies somehow got me excited. Also, you can pause. I can't believe I am actually excited for a racing game.


I have known and been excited for Cuphead for awhile now, and finally getting a release date is exciting. The trailer just feeds into that 30s cartoon aesthetic all the more with the escalating music, black and white text clips with different fonts, and the grain, oh the grain. seeing the variety of bosses and the many different ways you play shows that I am in for a treat. I also appreciate the trailer making fun of its delays by crossing out the 'never' in 'The likes of which has never been seen before!!!' Let's the hope this game is worth the wait.

Deep Rock Galactic

Despite some cheesy dialogue, Deep Rock Galactic looks to be a fun first person shooter. Destructible, procedurally generated environments, one-to-four player action, different classes and gear, and tons of action makes this look like a fun game that might replace games like Left 4 dead for me. You know the caves are bad when a dwarf says,'I can't feel my beard!'

The Last Night

Stylish is an understatement for this game. The Last Night is the type of game I normally don't like, but this trailer grabbed on and wouldn't let go. The music, the neon dystopia, the disorienting feel of the game, and the combination of 2d and 3d are just a few things that made me excited for this game. Plus, the events happening in the trailer exudes a great story that I am ready to dive into. Also, an open world, which I can't wait to see how they pull off.

This is the conclusion to part one of my list. I do not know when part two will be up, but it should hopefully be up soon. I hope you found my list entertaining and let's hope these games are as great as their trailers.