Let's Talk About: Apocalypse Now(The Game)

On January 25th, 2017, Erebus, LLC put up a new project onto kickstarter. What is this item you asked? It is none other than a game adaptation of Apocalypse Now, the famous war flick made by Francis Ford Coppola. When I heard about this, I got extremely excited, even though I have never seen the movie before. What got me excited was the fantastic trailer, and the fact that Coppola himself would help make this game. This got me excited enough for me to go watch the film(the original, not the redux). By the end of the film, I was wondering how they were going to make a game out of this. But going back to the kickstarter page, I found a 3 minute video of the developers talking about their game. After watching that, I just knew that this game will not be like any other game since or now.

When I think of a movie video game, I think of the game putting in way more action then the movie had and basically just slapping the name onto some generic game. I think of taking a 2 hour movie and stretching it of its identity for the sake of gameplay. After seeing Apocalypse Now, I thought that the game would be the polar opposite of the movie, because the movie didn't even have a lot of action scenes compared to other war movies. I thought not only are they going to screw up this game, they are going to drag a very well known movie through the dirt with it as well. But that all went away when I heard the developers talk about what this game is going to be.


When I saw this video, straight off the bat I noticed how many different clips of the movie were in the video, which was a good start. It showed me that they want to stay as close the material as possible. After a bit of talking, a message from Ford Coppola himself came on and talked about how he wants the game to make you go mad just like the way the film made him mad. This made me sure that Coppola will have a a big say in this game, which made it even better. Next, a developer talked about how war games are not treated with respect in video games, which just made me feel even better about this game. But what really turned the tables for me was when another developer said,"We are not making a shooter, we are making a survival-horror experience." When he said that, a ray of hope appeared from the clouds and shined onto this game. Thank God that that this isn't a shooter, which is really weird to say for a war game. The movie wasn't an action film, it was a river boat ride down insanity, which each stop being crazier than the last. That was what the movie was, and that is what the game is planning to be, which makes me so happy. Just to prove that this game isn't a shooter even more is that the same developer also says that they are crowdfunding the game just because they know that a traditional publisher would turn the game into a shooter. Just knowing that they didn't go to a publisher just for that reason shows how much they are willing to sacrifice just to make sure that this game will try to live up to the movie it's spawned off of, and it just gives me even more hope that this game will be a great game if it comes out. But that leads me to the biggest problem I have with this game; it isn't scheduled to come out until 2020. 2020! I know that plans change, and this game may not even come out(if it doesn't reach its $900,000 goal in time), but 2020 is just way too long for me.

I wanted to talk about this because I feel that this may have an impact on movie video games and war games in general. Apocalypse Now is a great movie, and I think that it should be treated with respect. Luckily, Erebus, LLC answered that call by trying its hardest to stay true to the original film, and even getting Coppola to help out with this project. Being crowdfunded just to stay with their plan on the game and being a survival-horror experience instead of a basic shooter gives me hope that this will be a great game. If Erebus play the death cards right(which so far, they have), then not only will this set the standard for movie video games, but will set the standard for war games in general.

Here is a link to the kickstarter campaign:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fringerider/apocalypse-now-the-game

And here is a link to their website:https://apocalypsenow.com/