I Went to Gamestop Expo Part 2

Welcome back to me talking about games at Gamestop Expo. I don't really have much to say right now, so let's get right into the remaining seven games.

10.Need for Speed: Payback

Need for Speed: Payback was first introduced to me at E3 2017, and after that I took an interest into the game. The thing I like the most about it the game not doing traditional races. As fun as those are, I am kinda worn out on doing the whole three lap thing, and seeing you do a car heist is really cool. The demo I got to play is the same one they have shown, so their isn't much to say here. Despite that, I still have some things to say. For starters, I thought the drifting was stiff. Drifting is something I usually get used to, and I am sure I will get used to this one over time, but I still have to say that it didn't feel good to me. I might as well stick with the negatives, and the another one I found was the cheesy dialogue. It sounded like people reading from a script more than anything, but that was something minor to me. The last thing I have to say is the rubberbanding truck I was trying to catch up to. I could easily tell that no matter how good I was, that truck was way better at driving than me and would always be out ahead. I didn't have a problem with that aspect itself, I had a problem with how obvious it was.Other than that, I had a good time with the game. The driving was good, the graphics look great, the crashes are amazing (even though they hang on them a little too long), a heist mission was really cool to me and is something I haven' done in a racing game, and the enemies being defined as a playing card was a neat little touch to the game. But something else I did get to try is a formal race. The race didn't go in laps, but rather was from point a to point b. Despite this being worn out for me, I still like the fact that formal races are in the game, and the one I played was actually a good deal of fun. I have high hopes for this game, as for it is offering something new to the racing game genre in a great way.

11.Battlefront 2

Battlefront 2 was at the expo, and so I decided to give it a whirl. I didn't play a lot of Battlefront, but even then I thought I would know exactly what to do. I was expecting to do the match shown at E3, but to my surprise I didn't. Instead, I actually played a space battle with no ground troops at all. I was kinda disappointed at first, but by the end I actually loved the space battles more than I thought I would. The mission we did was based on Rogue One where the two sides were fighting over opening the door controls to the planet(I passively watched that film, so don't expect me to know a lot.) The rebels were tasked with destroying the shield and the star destroyer docked to it while the imperial army was tasked to defend it. I played on the imperial side, so my task was to defend, but what was interesting was that their were things to attack as well. But I'll get back to that. Going to everything else, I thought the game was good. The flying felt good, the three different ship classes felt balanced, the gameplay felt cinematic, and the audio and visuals were great. I wanted to go back to the mode because I thought that was the best part. I can't confirm this, but I think our team won when I blew up one of the rebel's big ships. The reason I wanted to say this is because that means both sides are attacking and defending , and so their is this balance on what to do. I loved that because not only did it make me think on what should I do, but it gives an equal opportunity for both sides to win. Usually when I see an attack/defend mode in a game, it is usually one side that always win, but having this allows the game to be a bit more unpredictable. But whether or not I am right on the game mode, I will still have an interest in the game that I didn't have before.

12. Detroit: Become Human

I will say that this is the most comfortable game I played(their was a couch I got to sit on.) Detroit:Become Human was a game I didn't have an interest in because I don't enjoy playing narrative games that much anymore. With narrative games like this or telltale games, I don't enjoy playing them because they are too boring. I love the story and everything, but I would rather watch the game like a tv show. But I can't watch it like a show because they are my choices that affect the story, so usually I am in this weird spot between not wanting to play and not wanting to watch it. When playing the game at first, I felt that feeling coming up. I was investigating a crime zone, and man it was boring. But as the game went on, I started to enjoy the game more. The game gives you a success meter, and that meter is slowly ticking down. At the same time, you try to look for clues to get a better understanding of the situation. And it was this balance that made looking for clues a bit more fun. But the best part of the game is when you get to the actual hostage negotiation parts. The success meter is still there, but now every decision you make impacts the meter by a larger percentage. The clues you spent time on become tools in your negotiation as you use them to calm the other android down. This is where the game shines, and this is the reason why I now have an interest in the game. But beyond that, I still have some things to say. The writing is excellent, the game looks amazing, and the detective mode is useful. On the other hand, the button prompts are bad when it comes to interacting with the world. I had to move the stick like I was doing a Street Fighter combo move to pick up a picture, and that was a stupid complication. At least the talking uses the normal buttons. The newer demo of this game is pretty different in tone compared to what I played, but what I played was enjoyable. It is definitely not at the top of my interest list, but it did make the narrative style game fun for me, so I do hope their is more of that.

13. Assassin's Creed: Origins

AC: Origins is a game I have very little interest in before going in, but I decided to play anyways. I have only played a few AC games, and I have enjoyed them, but I still can't seem to find a big interest in them. But I did here of the changes this one is making, and I do respect the fact that this game took a break (something other yearly released games should do), so I decided to give the game a try. I don't have a lot to say about what I played; but if I had to summarize my experience into three words, it would be 'more Assassin's Creed.' I do like that they are taking an RPG approach to the game, and I like the fact that they are going all the way back to the first assassin. For those reasons, I take an interest in the game. But beyond that, it is more Assassin's Creed. Now I should get this game because I feel I need to give the franchise another chance, but I will say that those looking for a radically new experience will be disappointed. I think the game will be fun, the RPG mechanics will work out fine, and the story will be good; but I still say that this is more of an attachment to an older game more than a new game.

14. Call of Duty: World War 2

I have had a dislike for the COD series for awhile. But for some weird reason I keep buying them. I do like the zombie mode in the game, and leveling up weapons with new attachments and skins scratches an itch that other games don't. Still, I feel shameful when buying the newest game. But this game is a ray of hope, and playing it at the expo widened that ray for me. What sucked was that I didn't play the war mode, but that didn't deteriorate the fun I had with the game. I played team deathmatch, and I had a blast. The map was great, the guns were fun to use as well as the attachments, the combat feels good again, and the character customizations and classes are a good addition to the game. This game promised to be more like the classic Call of Duty games, and the gameplay proves its claims. Even small things like MG42 turrets in the map reminded me of Call of Duty 2 which is still my favorite COD to date, although this game gives it a run for money. I have high hopes that this will be the best Call of Duty to come out in a long time.

15. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

By now, I already have the game, but I still played it at the expo and I still wanted to talk about it. I have always been a fan of turned-based games, but I could never find one that I liked. But I think I found the one I have been looking for with this game. The gameplay is simplified, but still very much strategic, the exploration is fun, the different enemies and weapons were good, the barricades being degradable made movement key, and the fun mario environment is a blast to be in. But the absolute best part was the movement. Unlike other turned-based games, this one has a huge emphasis on movement and the combos that go with movement are the highlight of the game. Nothing was cooler than running to a bad guy, sliding under his feet and causing him damage, running to an ally, jumping off of them to a good spot, and shooting a rabbid behind cover all in one move. I am literally looking at the game on my desk right now and I cannot wait to pop in the cartridge and start playing.

16. Monster Hunter World


I know that their is a big fanbase for the Monster Hunter franchise, so I definitely wanted to try it out when I saw it on the show floor. I have practically no experience with the game, so to say I had no clue what I was doing is an understatement. But after playing, I can say that I am actually not as excited for it. I don't think the game is bad or anything, but I must say that Monster Hunteris not an easy game to get into. The combat was fun, but even then I felt that I wasn't doing something right. I felt that their was more to it than mashing the button, and I think that was my experience overall with the game: more to it. The game is hard to understand for me, and I feel that the only way to get a proper understanding is to play a lot of hours of the game. Other than that, I felt that their were too many menus and they got kinda complicated for me. Also, the enemies didn't have a health(or none that I could see anyways), which kinda sucked. But I thought the environments were cool, the monsters were fun, and the fact that they could interact and fight with others was fun to watch. I do want to get into the game, but I fear that it will scare me away. But I am also sure that Monster Hunter fans will find a great time with the game, especially since it is not on 3ds.

Well, that about wraps up my list. I had a lot of fun going to the expo, and I would recommend going to a games expo too. Sure, their are no games being announced at the expo, but it is the environment of like-minded people and the games that are still not out yet that makes the expo great. I didn't get to every game on the floor, but even the ones I didn't play still looked great. I hope you enjoyed this list of games and I hoped they better informed you on what is to come for the world of video games.