Happy Birthday NoClip!

The crowdfunded video game documentary series made by Danny O'Dwyer is now one. Man it feels like Danny announcing the project was yesterday, but time flies I guess. Anyways, I want to congratulate Danny on taking such a big task and making a great documentary series out of it. I bet it isn't easy when you are a small crew tasked with travelling around the world interviewing video game developers all while being payed by the community, but they found a way.

As it stands, NoClip has covered Rocket League, Doom, Spelunky, The Witness, Frog Fractions one and two, and Final Fantasy 14. He has also done interviews with Brian Gibson and Marc Flury of Thumper fame, Marcin Iwinski with The Witcher series, returning interviewees Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton from the Doom docs, Theresa Duringer of Temple Gates development company, and one of the godfathers of the fps genre John Romero. That is an impressive amount of work for a small group to do in a year, but turning one doesn't mean their work is over. They have planned a series on the GTA: Online crew, a whopping seven part series on The Witcher series, a doc on GOG, a retrospective on Quake, a profile on Brendan Green of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds fame, and interviews with other people in his sessions.

Whenever I think of NoClip, I think of one word: professional. To me, Youtube has a level of unprofessionalism to it, and I see this as an obstacle the channel has to jump through. The amount of people who watch Youtube is growing for sure, but their is still a big audience who doesn't. Or at the very least, doesn't go to the platform for a documentary. I find this such a shame because I really enjoy the videos that come out of NoClip, and I think the quality of the content as well as the visuals are very well done.

I think he likes  The   Witcher .

I think he likes The Witcher.

It's weird to think that the first time I talked about this company was around thirty blogs ago. Thirty blogs ago, I asked a question that was dumb considering the audience I am speaking to. I asked "Have you seen NoClip?" Back when I wrote that, I used that title because I was excited about what they have made and what is to come of them. I knew the fact that you guys know the series, but I asked anyways out of excitement to talk about the series. And even now I still hold that excitement for what they have done and for what is to come. I love the games they have documented, and I hope for good games to be documented in the future. I will say that one game I would love to see documented is No Man's Sky. I would love to see how a game as big and ambitious as that one suddenly turned into what it was when it launched. But enough about me.

Danny puts a lot of time, energy, and love into his docs, and I hope one day it is appreciated by a much bigger audience. I think what he is doing is great for the video game community as well as the documentary community. In the end, I want to wish Danny's project a happy birthday and here is to another year.

Here is a video he made on his one year celebration.