F.E.A.R. Extraction Point Review

Note: I did not play multiplayer, as for it was disabled.

F.E.A.R. Extraction point is the add-on dlc followup to F.E.A.R., which takes place directly after the first story. The entire plot is that you crashed in the helicopter and, you guessed it, are trying to get to the extraction point to leave. Along the way, you try to help your other two friends on the plane get to the extraction point with you. Also, you are still haunted by a little girl.

Since this game is very much similar to the original, I would recommend you check out my review for the first game, as for this review will mostly be talking about the differences between this add-on and the first game.

Extraction Point was a slot smaller than the first game, not surprisingly, and also very much alike the first game, but their were some small differences that I noticed that made this review different than the one I gave for the first game. Overall, most of the things I found where good. The enemies were just a little less bullet spongy. Still bullet spongy enough to get mad at, but they were just a little bi easier to kill. The framerate still dropped to 30 fps, but I noticed it was much less noticeable seeing the drop happen. The levels were more interesting and the layout of the map felt better. The game was scarier than the first, being that the little girl now has a new form as a Japanese water ghost, which is considerably more scarier than an eight year old girl with a little red dress. For once, their was friendly ai to help you; and even though it didn't last long, it still felt good having a helping hand against enemies that take half a clip to kill. Their are new weapons: a deployable turret, a mini gun(along with a new bad guy), and a laser beam. Even though the mini gun sounded terrible and none of the new weapons felt unique, they were still a blast to use. Finally, I felt that the ending was predictable, but still considerably better than the original game, leaving on a cliff hanger for the next add-on.

Not all was good though. Even though all of bad of this game is based off of the story(except for the mini gun sound) and has nothing to do with the mechanics of the game, I still felt like they should be mentioned. Right off at the start, they just kinda brought the main antagonist back, and even he said none of this makes sense. Bringing him back made the game feel weak in the sense that the developers couldn't think up a new enemy, so they just reused all of the common bad guys and the main antagonist. The game added a new invisible enemy, and it left me confused for an hour or so why the invisible enemy started attacking the other enemies, even though they were the same side the previous game. It made confused and overall just felt dumb. Speaking of being confused, the little girl in the first game still haunts you. Where it gets confusing is that she is your mom. What's even funnier is that she even helps you against bad guys sometimes, which always made me question why is she haunting me? Shouldn't she be there for moral support or something.

Given all of that, and some things that I missed, I felt that overall, this add-on was slightly better than the first game. It improved on some of the small things in the game, and only faltered in the story aspect(and the mini gun sound) in the game. This add-on is shorter, but it is sweeter, and I do recommend you playing this add-on.