Fast RMX Review

Fast RMX is a racing game that is out for the Nintendo Switch. It is a remake of Fast Racing Neo, but this version has six added courses to its lineup. This racing game takes place in the future, where hover crafts race each other at 600 MPH on Earth, other planets, and in space. You can play single player cups, a mode called hero mode that mixes your boost meter with your health, and multiplayer online, lan, or split-screen.

Fast RMX is fast, and I mean really fast. Not only are the speeds fast, but the matches are fast as well. A map for me would last around two to three minutes. The fast pace of the matches and of the racing was something new for me, and it was a lot of fun. Fast racing was never a bore to me and the fast races meant I could play more maps faster. What was best to me gameplay-wise was the hero mode and split-screen. Hero mode was very intense and racing against friends But what really shined in this game for me were the maps. The 30 maps in the game were both beautiful and diverse. One moment I was in the jungle with rain hitting my screen, the next I was flying through an asteroid belt, and the next I was on a 360-degree track in Iceland. The maps also had environmental hazards, different kinds of boosts, plenty points of flying off the track, etc. All of that surrounded by this neat idea of different color boost spots. In the game, their are these boost spots that made you go faster or jump up, but the color of the boost is either orange or blue. You have to match the color of the back of your vehicle to the color of the boost area to get its benefits. If you don't, you get the opposite of its benefits. This made the races for intense, as for now you have to concentrate on your boost color, hazards, and other players while going 600 MPH. Another thing that looked fantastic were the vehicles. The array of different colors, patterns, shapes, sizes, and fictional brands made all the vehicles a pleasant sight to the eyes. They are a little murky before you start the race, but that murkiness fades as soon as you start moving. One last thing I have to say that is positive is the announcer. The lines and the voice of the announcer kinda reminds me of an announcer of 90's kids commercials, and I love it.

Split-Screen, where gameplay is at its funnest. All while looking pretty and running smoothly on both tv and tablet mode.

Split-Screen, where gameplay is at its funnest. All while looking pretty and running smoothly on both tv and tablet mode.

Despite some good racing, I still did have flaws with the game. The biggest problem I had was its identity. Their was nothing in the game that really made me want to stay. To me, it was just a racing game, and it didn't go beyond that for me. So by the end of this game, I was dragging myself through each level. But this feeling was also formed from the more and more present sight of rubber banding AI. If you do not know what that means, it is a mechanic in racing games that gives the AI opponents slight unfair advantages if needed to make sure you aren't far ahead of the race to keep the race tense. In this game, the rubber banding is obvious and annoying. I would boost and be on a boost spot in the fastest vehicle, but I would still see vehicles pass me like I'm an old person driving a 90's sedan. That contributed to my added feeling of frustration in the game. Losing was frustrating, but winning wasn't rewarding. Another thing that frustrated me was spinning out of control. Hitting people while boosting would make them spin and lose speed. It happened to me so many times that doing it to others also made me sad to do so because then they would have to live through the pain I live through. I never felt a 'sweet revenge' feeling doing so, and it being done to me was incredibly frustrating experience. The music in the game I found to be obnoxious after awhile. At first, I though it was good, as for it does match the vibe of the game. But then the music just turned more and more into a loud, trashy euroboeat. One final problem that I had to address was in multiplayer mode. Multiplayer was fine, but what I found to be weird was when I did the map voting. When I did the map voting, each player got a different set of maps to vote on. I got the ability to choose from one of six maps, but I look at what everyone else chose and I find the maps to not even be part of the queue that I had. So I felt that in the end, the map was going to be chosen at random anyways, and that the whole voting system was pointless in the end.

Fast RMX is a good racing game and a good split-screen game for the Switch, but this game does not go beyond that. It may look really good, have some fast-paced racing, and some fun split-screen action, but constant frustrations with the game and its lack of uniqueness or identity makes the game hard for me to play for long periods of time. Even this review was short as for their isn't much to say other than this is a racing game, and that's it. At 20 USD, the game is great if you love racing games or if you want to play with others, but if you want another game on your Switch that will give you a satisfying experience like Breath of the Wild does, then this isn't the game for you.