E3 2019: Ubisoft Press Conference

E3 continues, and the press conferences keep piling on. This time around, we get to the company who has been nailing it both with fun press conferences and with games in general: Ubisoft. As before, I will be talking about my thoughts going in, ranking game announcements and talking about other announcements, and wrapping up with concluding thoughts.

Last year’s Ubisoft press conference was a lot of fun. Along side game announcements were fun moments like Antti Il Vessuo’s entrance, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle live music, and more. It is a press conference that has fun, no matter how cheesy the end result may be. This year has so far been lackluster in terms of new releases, and I expect this to hit Ubisoft as well. Despite that, I still hope that this conference can still have fun with the content it has.



11. Brawlhalla

Adventure Time is crossing over with Brawlhalla by adding Finn and Jake to the game. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of either, so I don’t really care about this announcement.

10. Rainbow Six Siege

A new operator is coming to Rainbow Six Siege. Unfortunately, I don’t really care about this game either.

9. Just Dance 2020

Just Dance 2020 is coming to a whole bunch of platforms and even brought the whole musical stage act again. Unfortunately, the last time I played a dancing game was in middle school for P.E., so I don’t really care about this either.

8. For Honor

This is yet another content update to an existing game; but unlike the others, I have been thinking about going back to this game because of how solid the bots are. I don’t think this new content will push me over the edge, but it does add to the list of reasons to go back and try this game again.

I would advise not going into the spooky haunted forest.

I would advise not going into the spooky haunted forest.

7. Division 2

What this? Another game getting content updates? Out of all the games above, The Division 2 is the one I am most likely to play. I am a little disappointed that the DLC seems like basic missions and areas compared to the DLC of the first game, but more content is more content.

6. Tom Clancy Elite Squad

All of the Tom Clancy characters fighting against terrorists around the world…in a mobile game. I like the idea of all of the Tom Clancy characters together in one game, but the only reason it is above the rest is because it is a new game.

5. Ghost Recon Breakpoint

This is a full game release and not just a content update, which puts this above the others. At the same time, this game already had its time to shine, and even then I am only moderately excited for this game compared to next four games.

4. Rainbow Six Quarantine

The next Rainbow Six game is going to be a competitive PvE game in an infected world. I didn’t try out the special zombie event in Six Siege, but I bet it’s going to be similar to it, and the gameplay I have seen looks like a lot of fun.

This doesn’t look good.

This doesn’t look good.

3. Gods and Monsters

Not a lot of info was given on the game, but from the looks of the trailer as well as reports, this new IP is going to be like Breath of the Wild but in Ancient Greece. As a fan of BOTW, I can’t wait to play another company’s take on the game.

2. Roller Champions

This game is a bit of a cheat for me considering I have been playing the alpha with the bits of spare time I give myself, but the time I have had with the game so far has been a blast. It’s like Rocket League, but I feel like I have way more control over my character and over the situation. It’s easy to learn, hard to master, and a lot of fun throughout.

Gotta pump to survive.

Gotta pump to survive.

1. Watch Dogs Legion

As of now, Watch Dogs Legion is the most impressive game I have seen this E3. While I am not a fan of the game going into politics (though I can understand why for a game like this), the gameplay shown was jaw-dropping. Jumping from NPC to NPC and each having their own traits and abilities has so far been the only thing shown that felt like true progress in video game tech. The stuff they talk about around that mechanic like each character having their own origin mission and others sounds wildly ambitious, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the game to try it out for myself.



Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet

Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia got on stage to announce his new comedy show about a game development studio working on a popular MMORPG. The show doesn’t have a release date, and it will premiere on Apple TV Plus. Video game movies are bad enough, the last thing I need is a video game show. Granted, this show is from the perspective of the developers and not the game, but I think the chances of this show hitting is slim.

My hopes are not high.

My hopes are not high.

Division Movie

Appearantly, this isn’t new news, but it’s new for me. There is an upcoming The Division movie being directed by David Leitch and starring Jessica Chastain Jake Gyllenhaal. The new piece of news shown at E3 is an announcement of its release on Netflix. While I am a firm believer of the video game curse, this game may be able to escape it because The Division is pretty much a post-apocalyptic game about highly-trained sleeper agents taking back a city. This movie can be generalized just enough to make a basic action movie, and maybe then I could see this film being alright.

Uplay Plus

Leaked only a week or two from E3, Ubisoft announced a new subscription service. The service will have over 100 titles, and will include new titles like Watch Dogs Legion at launch. Also, Uplay Plus will work on Google Stadia, which is some strange tech inception to me. The service will also be $15 per month and consist primarily of, if not only Ubisoft titles. The thing that ultimately killed it for me is the price tag, which is more than Game Pass’ price, and Game Pass has a more diverse library. Honestly, if this was $5 per month and new releases came to the service six month late, then I would be all for it, but I think there are better services for cheaper.


In Conclusion

In conclusion, I found this press conference to be less jolly than the last. The last conference saw better announcements and more memorable moments like having a bunch of developers on stage to finish off the show, but this show saw a reduction in all of that. Watch Dogs Legion certainly impressed, but I can’t say there was anything memorable about this press conference. It was still fun compared to others, but the magic of Ubisoft press conference felt faded compared to previous years.