E3 2019: PC Gaming Show

Each console has a company tied to it, and they all have press conferences of their own (except for Sony this year). Nintendo presents games for their system and Microsoft presents games for theirs, but what about PC? Who presents games for a system that isn’t owned by a singular company? That is where PC Gamer magazine steps in to present their own show. As before, I will be talking about my thoughts going in, ranking game announcements, and finishing up with concluding thoughts.

Last year, I remember the show being pretty solid. I can’t say there was anything special about, but at least it wasn’t terrible. On top of that, I thought the hosts last year (who are returning this year) were better than most other E3 hosts. For this press conference, considering how the others have gone, I’m expecting less new information and more of a mix between games already announced and new announcements. Let’s get into the announcements.



Even though I know a good deal of these announcements are not new, I am not going to break up the list into two parts for the sake of time. I tried to put new announcements towards the top of the rank, but some games fell through the cracks. Also, I am excluding Borderlands 3, Warframe, Baulder’s Gate 3, Terraria, Warhammer Vermintide 2, Auto Chess, and Mutant Year Zero.

25. Conan Chop Chop

What started out as an April Fools’ joke has now turned into a game. I’m sure more work has been put into the game, but I still fear that this game will be underwhelming and lean way too hard into the April Fools’ side of things.

24. Last Oasis

While the vehicles look neat, the only thing I could think of while watching the trailer was how clunky the whole think looks.

23. Planet Zoo

I have been wanting to get into management games more and more recently, and what better place to start than with animals?

22. Ancestors Humankind Odyssey

I like the premise of a game set tens of millions of years in the past, but I still don’t really know what you do in the game other than swing around.

Monkey see, monkey upgrade.

Monkey see, monkey upgrade.

21. Shenmue 3

I have heard a lot of good stuff about this series, which I still haven’t gotten to yet. Also, this trailer was only about pushing the release date back and announcing a release on the Epic Store.

20. Per Aspera

I like the art style of the game, but I think Surviving Mars beat this game to the Martian city-building punch.

19. Age of Wonder: Planetfall

I haven’t played any 4X game before, but I would probably start with this one considering how many options there are in terms of factions.

18. Griftlands

I like the setting and the options given to tackle each situation, but this game has been out there without a release for awhile, and over time I have lost interest in the game.

17. Chivalry 2

The few hours I have in Chivalry have been a blast, and I’m sure this game will also be fun. Despite that, I think this game is a hard sell for me when I could play Mordhau instead.

That’s unfortunate.

That’s unfortunate.

16. Starmancer

Base building and turn-based strategy. While the customization options seem like a bit much for me, I think this is a game I could really get into.

15. Evil Genius 2

It’s a base builder, but from the perspective of the bad guy. I didn’t play the first game, but gameplay of it looks like fun, and I’m sure this game will be just like the first.

14. Moons of Madness

A different kind of Martian game. While I am not a fan of horror games, I would like to see what a Lovecraft game on Mars looks like.

13. Maneater

I was going to put this game higher on the list because it showed at last year’s show, but the new showing of it this year actually sold me on the game a little more. The gameplay they showed looks fun and fluid, and the idea of evolving a shark sounds neat.

12. valfaris

I think I have seen this game before, but whatever the case may be this game looks like fun. The game reminds me of Metroid mixed with heavy metal, and I am interested in trying that out.

11. Telling Lies

From the people who made Her Story, Telling Lies is a new FMV game. I think FMV games are cheesy and dumb, but watching this trailer and seeing the puzzle mechanics of trying to piece each clip together to solve a mystery looked incredibly intriguing.

10. Mosaic

This adventure games looks like a mix of Inside and Black Mirrors, and that premise alone has sold me on this game. Also, the mobile game released along side the trailer is actually kind of fun, which is concerning considering the connotation of the mobile game in this game.

9. CrisTales

While the gameplay didn’t look like anything special, CrisTales sold me on its art style, music, and three different timelines mechanic. I don’t know how the timeline thing works, but I definitely want to find out in this game.

Back to the future’s present.

Back to the future’s present.

8. Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy

I have never even heard of the first Unexplored, but this game looks incredible. The art style and color palette along side the scenery is amazing, and gameplay shown looks like good, simple fun.

7. Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

I was going to put this lower on the rank, but this E3 presence brought actual gameplay. While what they showed needs work, I can see the potential of the game there, and if pulled off right this could be a fantastic game.

6.Remnant: From the Ashes

This game has also been showing for awhile as well, but I still really want to play it. The game plays like a Souls-like but with guns, and I personally have found more interested in Souls-like over the actual Souls games.

5.Songs of Conquest

Building up a kingdom and turn-based combat. What more could you need? Oh right, really good looking pixel art.

4. Genesis Noir

What if the Big Bang was the murder of someone you love? That is the strange scenario Genesis Noir makes, combining the Big Bang with a crime noir. I don’t quite know what makes this game so interesting for me, but I definitely want to play this game and see what it is like.

The shot heard around space.

The shot heard around space.

3. El Hijo

In this isometric stealth Western, you play as a boy trying to escape the church his mother left him to reunite with her. I found this game to be really charming, and I like that it is a different kind of Western game and story.

2. Midnight Ghost Hunt

What if the props from the popular mod Prop Hunt could fight back? That is the question this game asks. I love GMod game modes being turned into full-fledged games, and I think this game adds enough differences to the formula to be worth checking out.

1. Zombie Army 4: Dead War

I am a fan of the first three Nazi Zombie Army games, so it should come as no surprise I am excited for a fourth game. I am assuming that it’s going to be like the others, with some new toys and zombie types. Sometimes, more of the same can be a good thing.

Desktop Screenshot 2019.06.12 -


Samsung Monitor

Samsung announced a new monitor built for gaming. The new monitor, titled CRG5, is a 27-inch curved monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 1080p resolution and more. The monitor comes in at around $400, and no release date is out for it yet. I haven’t upgraded my monitor in a long time, so if I ever do, then maybe I will check this one out.

Desktop Screenshot 2019.06.12 -

In Conclusion

In conclusion, I found myself underwhelmed with this year’s E3 show. This isn’t the only show this year to underwhelm, but looking at the list games and just how little is new shows that this year as a whole is pretty weak. I am looking forwards to games like Zombie Army 4 and Genesis Noir, but nothing shown here got me head-over-heels for anything.