E3 2019: Devolver Direct

Finishing off the three press conferences that day was Devolver, a company known for making some…”unique” press conference. As before, I will be talking about my thoughts going into the press conference, ranking game announcements, then wrapping it up with concluding thoughts.

Devolver E3 press conferences are quite something. While they do have actual announcements, Devolver pride themselves on making satirizing E3 more than anything. Last year, they made fun of a wide variety of topics. The whole show was presented as a fake stage show, going over topics like battle royale, people on-stage “playing” the game, bitcoin, classic consoles, and more. Also, each press conference has a story line, which is something I never thought I would say about a press conference.

This year, I pretty much expect the same. A nice small video making fun of press conferences and the video game industry as a whole, and presenting a few games here-and-there. So, let’s get into it.



5. The Messenger: Picnic Panic

The Messenger is getting some free content headed their way with Picnic Panic. I do want to play The Messenger, and this piece of DLC looks fun, but it is at the bottom of the rank because it isn’t a new game.

4. Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead

Yes, Enter the Gungeon is going to be in arcades as a light-gun game. Since I don’t live near an arcade, I probably won’t ever touch this thing, but I love the fact that it exists.

3. Devolver Bootleg

Making fun of mobile game clones and endless PC desktop browsers at the same time, Devolver bootlegged their own games and put them into a pack to buy on Steam. I love the idea of playing a bootleg Hotline Miami and Luftrausers, but I fear these games will only last as a few seconds of fun.

Who needs Miami when you could have Milwaukee?

Who needs Miami when you could have Milwaukee?

2. Carrion

Carrion is a 2d horror game where you are the horror. Playing as the spaghetti monster everyone keeps talking about, you roam around the level and inject fear into the eyes of others. The one thing that I am interested in with this game is moving around the level, as your tentacles allow a form of movement that looks incredibly smooth and fun to control.

1. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys is a multiplayer game about 100 competitors trying to make it to the end of a deadly obstacle course. The game reminds me of Death Run from CSGO, but with nobody controlling the traps. I love obstacle courses in games, and that mixed with the game’s upbeat vibe and wonderful art style puts this game on the top.

Could this be considered a battle royale?

Could this be considered a battle royale?

Desktop Screenshot 2019.06.11 -

In Conclusion

Devolver is back with another satirical and outright weird E3 press conference. The whole thing played as a Nintendo Direct parody, and their strange plot still continues on. This year brought some more announcements from them, with Fall Guys taking the show. With a cliffhanger ending, I can’t wait to see what they do next.