E3 2019: Bethesda E3 Showcase

It’s time to talk about another press conference. This time around, it is Bethesda’s annual showcase. As before, I will be talking about my thoughts going in, ranking game announcements and talking other announcements, and finishing up with final thoughts. Let’s get into it.

Back in March, I wrote a blog about this press conference, and what I had to say isn’t too pretty. I said that this year’s Bethesda press conference is going to be a dud, with a lack of new games to show. I predicted that the only new info that will show other than updates to games will be a new game from Arkane and Starfield gameplay. Shortly after, Bethesda confirmed Starfield wouldn’t show, and ever since then I have been wildly curious as to what is going to be at the show. All of that leads to now, so let’s get into it.


11. Elder Scrolls Legends

Around half of a Bethesda press conference are updates to games, and their card game is one of them. I am not big on card games, and if I were, I would probably play a different game like Hearthstone.

10. Fallout 76

Just when I thought Bethesda would can this game, Fallout 76 makes an appearance talking about new content. That new content includes, get this, NPCs. Also, a battle royale mode. The whole thing feels pretty comical, with the first part being things that should’ve been there in the first place and acting like they are revolutionary features, and the second being something that has oversaturated the video game industry. Still, it’s nice to see they haven’t completely given up on this game yet.

9. Commander Keen

When the spokesperson for this game came out on stage and said the game is “in free-to-play, mobile game form” like it’s a good thing, I knew something was wrong. This game is a mobile game, card collecting microtransactions and all. The only reason it isn’t at the bottom of the rank is because it is something new.

Doing  Commander Keen  dirty.

Doing Commander Keen dirty.

8. Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr

This game is right along side ES Legends of ‘games that get constantly updated but I don’t play.’ Despite that comparison, I actually do want to check this game out because of how far it has come in terms of updates and content. I’m sure this new content will be enjoyed by ESO players.

7. Wolfenstein Cyberpilot

Along side Wolfenstein Youngblood is this VR game that is much less exciting. It feels just like every other one-note VR game, and I am surprised it will release at the same time considering its release will be overshadowed by Youngblood. Still, riding a cyber dog seems pretty neat.

6. Elder Scrolls Blades

If it weren’t for one important announcement, this game would be at the end. After some content announcements, the developers announced a Switch release. I am not a mobile game fan, but I think if this game was on console for $20 without microtransactions, I think I would be really into it. While the Switch version will be free-to-play, I still think a console version is still worth playing.

Yes, I want to play  ES Blades . Fight me.

Yes, I want to play ES Blades. Fight me.

5. Rage 2

At this press conference, Rage 2 showed off some new content and upcoming DLC. It isn’t anything special, but Rage 2 is a game I still want to play because I am a sucker for checkbox worlds and good shooting mechanics.

4. Wolfenstein Youngblood

This game was shown last year, and the release date as well as other important details already came out for the game a few months ago. No new info as far as I could tell was in the trailer shown, but what was shown looks solid. Plus, I do like the Paris setting.

3. Doom Eternal

Despite showing last year and gameplay releasing two months after, Doom Eternal was the highlighted game of this press conference. During its time, the developers showed off some new gameplay and dove deep into a biblical “Heaven and Hell” story line. Other info revealed includes the release date (November 22nd), the collector’s edition, and some multiplayer footage. As a fan of new Doom, it goes without saying I am hyped for this new game, but I have already known what this new game was going to be since last year.

2. Deathloop

Not counting Commander Keen, there were only two new game announcements at the show this year. Deathloop is the latest game from Arkane, and its a first-person action game about two assassins stuck in a time loop, with one trying to get out of it and one trying to stay in. A mix of Arkane level design and a time loop can have some solid gameplay potential as to taking on the objective in multiple different ways. On top of that, the game has a cool grindhouse film vibe to it.

A different kind of  Groundhog Day  game.

A different kind of Groundhog Day game.

1. Ghostwire Tokyo

The number one game at this press conference as well as one of the best games I have seen so far this E3 is Ghostwire Tokyo, the newest game from Evil Within 2 developers Tango Gameworks. It’s some sort of supernatural game where most of the population in Tokyo vanishes, and you try to find out why. I forgot that Bethesda publishes for this studio, but this surprise is definitely welcoming. The plot and the mystery around what happened is intriguing, the Tokyo setting mixed with paranormal activity is amazing, and the abilities look like good fun.



Orion Engine

The Orion Engine is an engine meant for streaming services to boost streaming performance and reduce bandwidth usage. Bethesda could’ve been working on a new engine for Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6, which is going to give them bad publicity as well as a high probability of buggy launches, but it’s nice to know their priorities are in streaming.


The other announcement was a much smaller one, talking about a larger presence of Doom at the upcoming QuakeCon.


In Conclusion

In conclusion, Bethesda’s E3 press conference went almost exactly as I predicted. Other than Ghostwire Tokyo catching me off guard, I pretty much predicted everything from a new Arkane game to a lack of anything else. The one thing I wasn’t predicting was how tone-deaf the whole thing felt. Whether or not the audience was paid to applaud, the audience acted like the people on stage were gods. Todd Howard could’ve deleted all previous Fallout games from all digital storefronts, and people still would’ve been cheering like they saw the second coming of Christ. Not only was the show lackluster this year, the whole thing felt scummy to me, and I felt a little disgusted by the end, even with the announcements of Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo.