A Year of Writing

The game that started it all (for better or for worse).

The game that started it all (for better or for worse).

A year ago, I wrote a review of Bioshock 2. I said that despite it being the weakest link of the Bioshock franchise, it was still a great enjoyment. That review was the first time I have ever written for myself, and that was the first time I have ever enjoyed writing. Well, today is my one year anniversary of writing about video games, and I wanted to talk about it.

Before I begin, I want to start on how I got to writing. Before this, I wanted to program for video games as a living. I have always wanted to work in the games industry, so I decided to be on the creation side. I held onto that belief until I actually tried out programming for myself. It didn't take long for me to realize that I didn't like programming, and that was when I ditched the idea of programming for a living. At this time, I was lost. I know I can't just sit on my ass playing video games all day and make a living out of it, so I decided to try something else.

I never considered myself (and still don't consider myself) a good writer. All of my writing before this point was for school, and man did I hate it. Despite all of that, I still gave writing a shot, and started with a review of Bioshock 2. This review was my realization. I found out that writing about video games is like talking about them, and the one thing I want to do just as much as play video games is to talk about them. Now, I want to become a video game journalist. I know that journalism is not like what I am doing, and it is certainly no cake walk, but I think this writing is a start.

And now here I am, with twenty-seven reviews and forty-something blogs on my belt (not all of the blogs are full blogs). Despite all of that work, I still don't consider myself a good writer. But that doesn't mean I don't try my hardest when I write. Unfortunately, trying your hardest doesn't mean a whole lot in writing. Even with trying my hardest, I made plenty of mistakes along the way. And that is where the community steps in.

Over the years, I have gotten 269 comments and I have read every single one. Some are complimentary. Whenever I write a normal blog, I could get around three-or-so complimentary comments on it. But whenever I get something wrong, you guys swarm to the comments section. My most commented blog is on my thoughts of the RPO movie, and that is sixty-three comments strong on how you guys really do not share the same opinion as me. But I really don't mind those comments. I enjoy looking at your perspective on the things and some people point out the factual errors of my opinion, which is always helpful.

What I would really say about you guys is that you intimidate me, and I don't mean that in a harsh way. You guys probably know more about the industry than I do, so whenever I write I always feel like I am saying things that everyone already knows. Because of that, I try to be as well-informed as I can on what I am writing about. Despite being intimidating to me and going ham on differing opinions, I want to say thank you. You guys read (I think) what I have to say and you guys gave me a chance.

I would also like to thank my whopping three followers. You guys are the ones who actually showed belief in my writing, so thank you guys. I wanted to thank you guys before I thanked the community, but I couldn't find a way to do so. But thanks again for following me on this journey through my bad writing.

Well, that is it, my one year anniversary. One year of blogs and reviews. But this isn't the end, only the beginning. Speaking of beginnings, I will now begin to put a link of these blogs into my Twitter. So if you want to know when I I put up my next writing (does anyone really?),you can. I also want to designate the comments section of this blog on anything you want to write about me. Ask me a question, give me criticisms, anything really.

Goodbye year one, and here is to year two.