A Game I Don't Recommend: Resident Evil 6

Note: This will contains slight spoilers. (Do I even need to put this in? Is this story even worth a spoiler warning?)

Lately, I have been on a quest to play every mainline Resident Evil game from 4 to 7, including the two Revelations games. So far, my experience with the games have been from meh to pretty great, with one exception. I knew going in that Resident Evil 6 was a disliked game, but I wasn't prepared for how bad the game was really going to be.

I went into the game knowing it was bad, but I didn't know why. When I started playing the game, I thought this would be another game I played that people disliked but I liked a little. The very beginning of the game started out relatively strong for me. The shooting felt good, the graphics were pretty, the controls felt fully modernized instead of the half-steps Resident Evil Revelations had, and the zombies were normal zombies. But even in the beginning, bad elements of the game started to emerge. Button prompts, quick time events, and button mashing were apparent, the voice acting was terrible, too many cutscenes were chopping up the gameplay into little bits, and movement with the camera locked was really bad. All of this was just the prelude. What is to come is twenty hours worth of gameplay, four separate campaigns, and all of the good elements I talked about stripped with new bad elements to take its place.

Unlike other Resident Evil games, this one offers four different mini campaigns. One for Leon and Helena as they try to uncover who is the person behind the zombie attacks, one for Chris and Piers as they try to take vengeance against Ada Wong for attacking BSAA soldiers, Jake and Sherry as for Jake has the antibodies for the new virus that is making the new zombie apocalypse and Sherry is tasked with taking his blood, and Ada Wong as she is tasked with cleaning up her name because it's not her doing all of the evil stuff, it's her doppelganger. You can play the campaigns in any order, but I chose the order in which I described the campaigns. I can't remember if it matters story-wise what order you play the campaigns, but by the end I realized the story was crap anyways and that splitting up the campaign into mini stories is a bad idea. Having the one central story like in RE4 or RE5 is much better, as for those stories being more fleshed out plays out much better than mini stories.

In reality, the four campaigns weren't about looking at four different perspectives on an event, it was about having different gameplay elements to appeal to a mass audience. The Leon campaign played like a classic Resident Evil game with zombie galore, the Chris campaign played like shooter game, and so on. This attempt at mass appeal was a mistake and a failure. Instead of focusing on what they did great (a more Leon-like campaign), they quarter-ass each of the four campaigns, appealing to no one. Also, each of the campaigns have a lot of moments that cross with the other campaigns, which mean you play through moments twice. For example, Chris finds Jake and Sherry being surrounded by the enemy, so he and his team give supporting fire from the rooftops while Jake and Sherry fight on the ground. While playing as both sides to that situation is refreshing I guess, but this happens way too many times, and what was originally refreshing turned into boring and repetitive. Speaking of repetitive...

New HUD, new campaign, new me.

New HUD, new campaign, new me.

Playing through the same scene multiple times got pretty repetitive, but that is just one brick in the wall of repetivity the game has. The game had so many repetitive elements that by the end I felt exhausted from what felt like playing the campaign four times in a row. Shoot dudes, have most of them mutate so you can shoot them more, perform WWE moves on enemies, destroy boxes for loot, fight bosses, kick more doors than any police or military unit has ever done in there existence, mash the ever-living hell out of buttons along side quick time events, wait for your incompetent A.I. partner to catch up with you, get to a part with large blue zombies that can heal themselves, lose control over the camera and have to run away while dealing with the awful controls, play short and useless segments before hitting yet another cutscene, cry senselessly, give up on the game multiple times followed by telling yourself that not every game you play is a G.O.T.Y. game, and repeat. Campaign one down, three more to go. Each campaign tries to vary up the campaign by bringing in new weapons that still function the same as the other campaign weapons, having a different skin for the HUD that is equally as terrible as the last, and having a different style of gameplay for each campaign that still ends with you doing all of the things I said earlier.

A part in the game where two campaigns collide. Be ready to see campaign collisions a lot.

A part in the game where two campaigns collide. Be ready to see campaign collisions a lot.

I am not the type of Resident Evil player that says all of the new games are trash and to stick with the older elements. I am fine with the game evolving, but at the same time the older games had elements that are better than the new games, and six was the ultimate breaking point for me. The inventory system was terrible, as for there were not enough inventory slots and didn't give as much choice as to what you want as say RE4, the health system with the pills was terrible, as for there was never a balance between having too many pills with your inventory filled with extra herbs and having not enough pills. Instead of the weapons being upgradable, RE6 doesn't have weapon upgrades and instead has a terrible skill system that doesn't allow unlock that much unless you play through the campaign multiple times or play the other modes, which means actually playing more of this game. Some times, the game will do a classic RE thing like trying to find pieces of a key around the area to unlock the door or locking the camera for a quick second like the very early RE games. But even those failed, as for the game told you where the puzzle pieces are around the map and the camera lock didn't blend well with the modern controls.

The final thing I have to say about this abomination of a game that I have been referencing throughout this entry is the lack of control the game gives you. Constant cutscenes, button mashing and quick time events, and more make the amount of actual gameplay feel small. My least favorite enemy wasn't any boss, but this strange bee person, and I hated that enemy because running into it means having to mash my a and d key until they go away.

In the end, Resident Evil 6 is a terrible game that almost killed the RE franchise (thank God for RE7).It is a game so bad that I changed my difficulty from normal to easy not because of the difficulty, but because I wanted to get through the game easier. The only reason you should play this game is if you are playing through all of the RE games, or if you just like playing terrible games. From the bottom of my heart, I say that this is a game I do not recommend.