A Big Announcement for my Blog...

After nearly two years of writing on Giant Bomb, I have decided to launch a website. I guess I thought my writing was good enough to have its own website (how ridiculous), so I decided to start one. I am also changing my name from TheMist997 to Black Red Gaming. The website will house all of my previous writings as well as all of my future ones, as well as some small extra things like my Twitter account and more. Don't worry, I will still write here on Giant Bomb (or worry if you hate me), but now there is another place to check out my blog.

I created the website for two reasons: the first reason is to have a more professional portfolio. If my work is to act as a portfolio, then I believe it will look better on its own website than on a forum website. Not to say that Giant Bomb is bad or anything, but I think that having a website is more professional. The second reason for this website is to expand my blog. Expansion is more of a dream than a reality as of now, but the idea is that I hopefully gain a subscriber base, and with that I can open new avenues for my blog such as requesting review copies and more. Again, more of a dream than a reality, but one can dream.

I got a little too excited and launched the website early, so as of now the website is incomplete. I still have a lot of work to port over from here to the site, as well as some other small things. Besides that, the site is open for business. If you do see any issues with the website, you can report it under the 'contact' tab.

I normally don't like to ask for things, but subscribing on my website will be a big help. Even if you plan on ignoring me, subscribing helps a lot.

That's about all I have to say. The website can be found.................. here (if you are reading this from here, then you made it. Here is a link to my blog on Giant Bomb). Thank you for reading my writings throughout the past two years, and here's to the future.