25 Years Of Kickass

I wasn’t going to write today, but after learning about the birthday of one of the most important games to date, I just couldn’t let it slide. What game am I talking about? Doom. Today is Doom’s 25th birthday. So today, I wish a happy birthday to the game that rocked the FPS genre.

Unfortunately, I do not have any great stories to tell about Doom. I can’t tell you about the time when I was growing up and I would boot this up on an old PC or anything like that. The entirety of my Doom experience really started with me playing a browser versions in the school library. The only issue with that is, time is limited and progress wasn’t saved, so needless to say I really just played the first few levels over and over. Where my Doom journey really begins is with Doom 2016, a game I love and cherish. From there, I went all the way back and worked my way to new Doom. Even though it feels like cheating, playing Doom with a mouse is a blast. I wish I tell a great story, but that is all I got.

Since I feel the importance and influence of this game has been talked to death, I didn’t want to spend too much time on it. While it wasn’t the first of anything, it was the first to popularize many things: the first person shooter genre, the multiplayer shooter, the modding community, and more. What makes this game so great is that its affects can still be seen to this day, and in many different shapes and forms. Without it, the video game landscape would be much different, and I don’t know where we would be.

For an industry that still feels young, celebrating twenty-five years feels significant. And you want to know something? It is. When we look back at the history of video games, We look at games like Mario and Pong that play a big role in creating and growing this industry, and right along side them we put in Doom. Thank you for the great memories and experiences you have given me, and happy birthday Doom.

Here is a 25th anniversary video.